How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site without Writing New Posts

How you struggled to drive more people to read your online content? Do you always wonder where to get new posts? Well, wonder no more! Writing new posts is tedious work, especially if you often feel the need to write every day. We all want maximum exposure for our online content, but for this, you will need to do lots of updates.

This article will give practical tips on how to increase your blog traffic without having to write new posts.

How do you do that, you may ask? All the power lies in empowering your pre-written logs in order to boost the ratings. Most bloggers rush to post content on every keyword that comes around, without any due regard to having the articles ranked after they are published. If this sounds familiar, then this is just the article for you. The tips herein will guide you all the way to achieving the maximum traffic to your posts.

1. Re-launching the Content

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site without Writing New Posts

Re-launching can work wonders

This can be done at the time when you’re not writing up new content for your blog posts. This term was coined by Brian Dean who used this method of reviving posts and ripped massively from the effort. Here, you look out for the weak performing content on your blog or those posts that have already dropped in rankings. From there, you revamp these post by adding content that is of better quality, upgrade the pictorials and add fresh statistical data in order to add more glitz and glamour to your work and at last re-launch them. The effect of this will be new and better ranking, thus driving in fresh traffic as well as backlinks.

The way to go about this is simply to find the pages that are in the last half of the Google search that’s either on the first or the second page. Then draw up a list of the post to re-launch, and do so one after the other.

You will also need to be keen on correcting any grammatical and or factual errors. For this, you can use tools such as Grammarly. It also helps to read through the comments that your readers left and try to work to answer any questions that were raised or add in additional information from suggestions given. Ensure that you keep the blog interesting by adding stories that give a fun but clear picture of the topics you’ve written on.

2. Fetching Backlinks

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site without Writing New Posts
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Backlinks could be your missing link

Here you will need to fetch the backlinks to content that’s already existing. Backlinks are fundamental to ranking and therefore, the more your readers link to your blog sites then the more Google sees your content as that which commands authority. This, in turn, boosts your rankings and thus increases traffic to your site.

Since you’re not writing a new post, you will have to earn the backlinks to an existing one. You can do this through various ways. For instance, politely asking an influential blogger to link your posts. They can also share your re-launched posts. You can also take your time and create informative infographics and submit them to sites where many users can see and use them on their own blogs. Also trying making comments on already popular blog sites.

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3. Using Social Media

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site without Writing New Posts

Social media has some power

There is a lot of power that comes from the use of social media. This can increase your blog traffic in just a matter of days. Social media commands a huge following that can directly visit your site. You can use paid ads to achieve this or you can also make use of other means.

One of this means is by having automatic retweets for your old contents or by using tools for social media scheduling including Buffer. Another way would be to use images from popular sites such as Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog post.

You can also request your readers to comment, share or like the posts you share as this will boost responses on social media platforms. There also many groups on Facebook that allow promotion, here, you can easily use the platforms to boost traffic.

4. Sending Out a Newsletter

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site without Writing New Posts
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Newsletters to your email lists can be effective

The traffic you definitely own is that of your email list. Here, you don’t depend on third parties, for example, Google to attract readers. At a time when you’re not writing up new posts, you can easily send out newsletters to your subscribers that will direct them to your earlier posts. This is a very effective strategy as you find that not many people will go to the site to read the posts. Therefore, the notification by the newsletter will make your readers aware of posts that they didn’t get a chance to read.

You can choose to send out the newsletter on a weekly or fortnightly basis, or even a general overview of blog posts over a number of weeks. Some of the innovative ways to do this are coming up with a contest for your readers, where they can win prizes and be featured in the next edition of the newsletter. You can also offer discounts to your most loyal readers.

5. Accessibility of your Site

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site without Writing New Posts
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Ensure access is conducive

We are usually ever so busy and making your blog site accessible could be one of the best things you could ever do to boost traffic to your site. Consider this, over some period of time, with more content coming up on your site, your site will tend to be loaded, it will grow bigger and bigger. Therefore, there is a great need for you to unclutter and make the site more user-friendly.

You can easily do this by getting themes that load fast so that you’re on the right side with Google. You can also clean up space by putting off some ads that are non-performing to come up with a clean site, especially so for the homepage.

One can also ensure that the font is readable and legible. The preferred font size is usually 12 with a 2.5 double spacing. There is nothing as annoying for a reader who has been drawn to a post by the interesting topic only to be disappointed by the fact that the words are too small to be read or the font type isn’t suitable for continuous reading. This can drive away any ready at any given time and be keen to convert frequent readers into subscribers.

Writing good blog posts is not enough to draw the much-required traffic to your site. You need to do more. This is especially so when you’re not planning on writing new content. You can easily do this by re-launching old posts which have gone through a revamping process. For example, working on content with many searches on Google, e.g. research paper topics. This and the other pointers given in this article will surely drive more traffic to your site.

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  2. Very good share. Driving traffic to a brand new site is quite difficult as you don’t have a userbase who’d help you promote and Google also doesn’t rank your pages higher.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, #3 works the best.


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