EaseUs Data Recovery Unbiased Review: Best Data Recovery Guaranteed!!!

Looking for a software that can help in data recovery?

Well… you have landed on the right page and today we will be talking about Easeus Data recovery software that is one of the best and high-quality software in this market.

Not only the locals but IT professionals were too impressed with the amazing features of this software.

Wanna know more about it, keep reading…

What Exactly is EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is powerful and free of cost tool available for everyone. It supports Windows as well as Mac Os too.

Deleted some important files or documents accidentally?

No worries as this data recovery software will restore the same. Be it corrupted, raw or non- mounting files, you can easily access them all with this amazing software.

Not only you can use this amazing software in Windows and Mac but it can also help to recover data from External and internal hard disks, Music players, USB device, memory cards, iOS devices, etc. Not only that, Advanced users of this software can recover files from RAID and servers too.

Amazing features like reliable network, excellent performance, and ease of use make EaseUS Data recovery Wizard different from others and all the features combined make it one of the best among them too.

EaseUs Data Recovery Unbiased Review

Features Of EaseUS Data Recovery

This Great file recovery software has got some astonishing features within it.

Here are some of them listed below:

  • Available for both, Windows and Mac OS.
  • Scans complete Hard drive.
  • Recovery of deleted files becomes an easy task.
  • Corrupted files can also be recovered.
  • Bootable USB device can be easily created after OS crashes.
  • Recovery is possible from external, removable, optical storage, etc.
  • Allows you to select all the deleted files sorted according to month and year.
  • The backup option is available as it can be useful in future without scanning the overall drive.
  • Sorting of deleted files becomes easy.
  • Quick scan features allow you to scan the drive quickly.
  • Search box is included which allows you to search in the deleted results based on extension or name.

How to Recover Deleted documents and other data using Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUs Data Recovery Unbiased Review

The clean and easy UI makes it an excellent and amazing tool to be used.

In order to start, select a scan location

That location can be your Library or a particular partition or an external drive, etc. Unlike other data recovery software, the entire scan is not necessary for its initial stage.

Moreover, with the help of the Quick scan, the process is carried out more efficiently and quickly. As the scan starts, a progress bar is visible that show EaseUs Data Recovery Unbiased Reviews overall progress and a countdown will be visible too that will be showing remaining time for completion.

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard allows you to preview all the files before the scan is fully completed. Preview feature tends to provide a name to the recovered file. Unfortunately, 100MB space is only available.

Once the scan is completed totally, you can view the content by category, type, email, graphics, document, video, etc and search accordingly.

How about recovering the files that were deleted genuinely?

We all know that after deleting a particular file, it moves to recycle bin, but what if a file is deleted from recycle bin too?

Well… it is stored in a special folder which is mostly marked as lost files or RAW files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard hunts all those files and brings in front of you. Once you hit the restore button, you need to add a particular file location (it can be an external drive too) and then all the files are automatically restored.


That was an overview of EaseUs Data recovery Software and How to use the same. Hope you liked it. If you still have any doubts about this software, feel free to comment below and someone from our team will definitely reply to you.

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