7 Easy tips to create an Eye-catching Resume

With a market that sometimes soars up and sometimes drops down, the way a person searches for opportunities and presents himself is itself a great job. Every day there are thousands of vacancies and one can find candidates pouring out like raindrops at the interview hall.

All you need to do is to distinguish yourself and to carve out an opportunity to get noticed. This can be done if you have a powerful resume which will be able to speak out of your potentiality and capabilities. So, if you are also in search of a job or appearing for an interview, your first task is to prepare an eye-catching resume. We hereby share with you some of the tips to create such a resume.

7 Easy tips to create an Eye-catching Resume

7 Easy tips to create an Eye-catching Resume

1. Choose proper layout and design

You have to pick out an easy to read format of the layout which will give quantitative information about your niches in a glance and should not distract the interviewer’s attention. Usually, new fonts are attractive but be sure that they are readable and not clumsy. Do not derive unnecessary attraction by using highlighters in the middle of your resume. If you want to stand out you can purchase a resume template such as the ones at resumeshoppe.com

2. Make it saucy and relevant

Make sure to put relevant information on your resume. Professional interviewers do not look head over heels for the information instead they just look out for the experience related to the job. So instead of jotting down where all you have worked include where you have contributed and in what way. Try to make a habit of creating different resumes’ for different jobs you are applying. Provide an insight of who you are, what are your skills and abilities.

3. Use technical terminology

The use of technical terminology for describing the skill-set you possess is very important. This helps in creating a good first impression on you. This will make the interviewer feel that you are sound technically, and might enhance your chances.

4. Being Honest is highly essential

Don’t bluff with or exaggerate your skills. Be honest while you mention your skill-set. Don’t be desperate for the job and include false skills. This will lead you into trouble later. Be mentally prepared to face the questions in the interview on the skills you have stated. Don’t go on with your theoretical knowledge. Interviewers search for experience. Hence try to mention only those skills on which you have experience.

5. Try to maintain originality

Make your resume all unique. Don’t try to copy the phrases for career objectives and other sections of your resume, from the websites. Be natural and make it as simple as possible. Being meaningful is important. Professional interviewers are experienced, so don’t get entangled by including false stuff.

6. Focus on your accomplishments

Speaking of your achievements and accolades plays a crucial role in depicting you from your resume. It’s not enough just to mention your job responsibilities because you are expected to perform those. Instead, you have to speak about your quantifiable achievements. You will be a way ahead when you mention the things you did which are not expected of you, I mean doing more.

7. Try balancing your strengths and weaknesses

Every person has a weakness. So, first assess your weakness in the field of job you are applying for and then script them. Don’t be unrealistic by not mentioning your weaknesses. But instead, you have to mention weaknesses which are acceptable in reality. Don’t brag about your strengths, keep them balanced with your weaknesses. Be creative in mentioning these things and make them relate to each other in a meaningful way.



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