eM Client for Mac: Best Mail Client for MacOS

What do you think of when you picture an ideal email client for your Mac? A free, user-friendly application that will let you manage your contacts and texts very easily, support all the primary iOS services like iCloud, Exchange, Gmail, Outlook, and a lot more, right? Well, we have got good news for you! After what seemed like ages, eM Client has finally come up with its full version for MacOS. Years of hard work, brainstorming and development went behind this grand leap ahead and from 24th of January 2019, eM Client has made all the features that you are used to available on both Mac and Windows.

eM Client for Mac

What is eM Client and what are its features?

eM Client is blessed with a copious style which is super easy for setting up all your accounts with the other amazing features. Without a doubt, you can definitely say that eM Client is the best email client for not just Mac but for your Windows as well.

eM Client for Mac

Just like its Windows version, eM Client for Mac comes with full integration with the operating system. Unlike the usual web email clients, it makes your work not just easier but also efficient, all thanks to its automatic backup, keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop support, system notification, and a plethora of other features that are connected to the system of your Mac. Importing data from your Contacts, Calendar and Mail applications as well as from Thunderbird can be done in just a matter of seconds with eM Client.

All this make it very easy to shift to eM Client if you are a Mac user. This adds to our productivity and saves us long hours as well. One of the key advantages of eM Client is you can get an array of features, all squeezed within one easy-to-use application as well as is great for data synchronization through services as well.  With so many features and user-friendly interface, eM Client is sure to impress customers and companies across the world.

eM Client for Mac

Features of eM Client

Now that we have explained what eM Client is, let’s get to the specifics and its features that make it so awesome and a cut above the rest of the other email clients in the market. Following are some of the features that you will enjoy with eM Client:

  • Easy data transfer facility: Data can be easily imported from the email clients with the help of quick file transfer.
  • Super-fast search: Locating emails, events or any others items can be done within seconds, all thanks to its comprehensive search.
  • Full-touch support: Touch-screen support helps in easy tapping due to the spacious interface between the icons
  • Attractive interface: Multiple themes and color coding provides a gorgeous layout to work on.
  • Organizing to-do lists, tracking schedules, keeping in touch with Jabber, Google and other XMPP chat services. Also, it offers personalizing the behaviors and appearance of the dashboard on many levels.
  • Gmail functions: Synchronizing all the data and emails is also possible as well as auto-replies for your Gmail account.
  • Smart contact management: eM Client offers merging, selecting and searching contacts; a smarter way of contact management.
  • Assortment of useful features: eM Client can download domain icons and avatars from Gravatar. Also, by using PGP, signed and encrypted emails can be sent very easily.

What are the Pros and Cons of eM Client for Mac?

Just like every other thing, eM Client also has its very own pros and cons. So, here we will offer you both of the scenarios so that you can make the right decision as per your needs.

eM Client for Mac

Pros of eM Client

  • Email archiving, backup and data recovery
  • Shared inboxes and other advanced email features
  • Quick texts, signatures, and templates
  • One-time lifetime license with 30-day money back guarantee

So, these are the benefits that you will enjoy on your Mac with the services of eM Client.

Cons of eM Client

These are the things that eM Client lacks in its services for Mac:

  • A lengthy initial setup procedure
  • Not many options to manage IMAP folders
  • Can be Tricky for those Switching from other Clients


The final verdict on eM Client for Mac would be that it’s a great way of boosting your productivity by switching to a modern eM Client than your classical old client. It’s a very powerful app and can eliminate stress and chaos of tackling with unorganized emails. Even though it is still developing and working upon its loopholes, it is still worth every penny of yours for making your Mac experience smoother, faster and oh so better!

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eM Client is undoubtedly going to be your best buddy for managing and syncing contacts, working with emails, accessing tasks and calendars, and what not. Be it a tiny workgroup or a gigantic company, you can work to complete all your to-do’s with eM Client. It also lets you connect with all iCloud services very easily and serves as a fully-featured counterpart of the Windows desktop.

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