How Ultimatix ERP Is Helping TCS To Manage Their Employees

TCS is a renowned Multinational Company that has around 3,80,000 employees and operates from 46 countries. Their services include Business solutions, Information Technology Services, and Outsourcing services. Maintaining the database of such a large number of employees and managing their activities is a tedious process.

When the employee count keeps growing, it is very tough to handle their operations and respond to their requests, especially these MNCs have set of standard for all their branches in the world, the complexity of this task increases when it comes to a single database. For handling such a tedious task, TCS has launched an official ERP portal called TCS Ultimatix. Let’s get to learn more about this ERP.

How Does An ERP Portal Help In Employee Management?

ERP Employee Management
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) portal is a boon to a company which operates from multiple locations and has a large number of employees as it helps in employee management. An official portal of an organization helps in handling the whole system of employees and offers terrific options for Human Resource services, Timesheet, Leave Management and Salary Management. Ultimatix will help you manage all back-office operations in an automated manner that will ease all your business functions.

What Is TCS Ultimatix?

TCS has launched Ultimatix which has been updated recently. Only the URL of the portal has been updated, whereas all the features and functionalities of the site are same as before. If any employee face issues with Ultimatix they can contact TCS Ultimatix helpdesk at any time. The can drop a mail to helpdesk mail Id, or they can directly make a call to the helpdesk.

Benefits of using Ultimatix :

1. Employee management

  • The work details of an employee can be filled in the timesheet on a daily basis.
    One can also view work details of an employee like Project name, supervisor number, email Id and contact number.
  • An employee can also have access to their documents like salary slip, appointment letter. Increment letter, promotion letter, etc. An employee can access PF, VPF and other allowances through this portal.

2. Leave Management

  • An Employee can apply for leave through this portal which can be approved or rejected by his/her supervisor.

3. Performance Management

  • An employee can enter all his performance related details in this portal. This information will be assessed and evaluated by his/her supervisors for appraisal.

4. Other useful features

  • This portal allows an employee to look for internal job openings and apply for the suitable jobs.
  • This site also offers excellent internal connectivity which lets the employees connect with other employees and HR team.


The organization has launched ULTIMATIX mobile app for the betterment and flexibility of their employee which can be used only by a TCS employee. Through this mobile app, one can access the Ultimatix portal from anywhere and at any time.

You will not be able to access your system all the time, so in that case, you can use this mobile app. For instance, if an employee wants to take a day off then he can apply for his leave through the app and get notified about the leave status from his supervisor.

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