Essential benefits of cloud-based Authoring Tools and Learning Management Systems

The evolution of the eLearning industry peaked with rapid technological advancements. Thanks to cloud technologies, now we have access to sophisticated cloud-based Learning Management Systems (LMS). A cloud-based LMS means that all the course materials, including tests, are located on a remote server. It makes a distribution, management, and tracking of e-learning courses very easy.

The cloud platform also provided access to cloud-based authoring tools. They emerged as a new trend in the eLearning industry. This compliments the popularity of mobile learning, but at the same time, it is important to know that the popularity of cloud-based LMS’ and authoring tools is not only backed by advancements in technology but also because of the wide range of benefits.

Easy to Use

One of the most valued benefits of using cloud-based authoring tools and LMS’ is that they’re very easy to use. There is no need to install any additional software on your computer or mobile device to gain access. Also, there is no reason to read complicated setup manuals to make everything work.

Everyone, even without any technical knowledge, can use cloud-based authoring tools and LMS’. They are accessed through the web browser, and the user only has to log in, and he will see the courses that have been assigned to him or her. Anyone can start learning immediately.

The same goes for authoring as well. After the course author logs in, a very simple and intuitive interface will show and one can take full control over all course materials.

Increased Security

Essential benefits of cloud-based Authoring Tools

In some cases, course materials can contain some precious and sensitive information. Breaching it would mean possible devastating effects on the business’ position in the market. Fortunately, all the security is handled by the cloud service provider who uses powerful encryption methods that render all of your content hidden from prying eyes.

When it comes to course materials, authors have access to advanced security controls. These controls allow course authors to make courses private; they can access privacy controls for each course separately and secure them with passwords. This way, only users with certain privileges will have the ability to access course materials.

Centralized Storage

Legacy training procedures involved a lot of paperwork that usually took up a lot of office space. When LMS’ entered the scene, a lot of space was conveniently saved because all materials were kept on hard drives. But, this included a lot of documents being juggled via emails. A cloud-based solution made this even more convenient.

With cloud technology, all course materials are stored in one place on a remote server. The software behind the authoring tools is also running on a remote cloud server. This is why there is no need to install additional software. This benefits the business by:

  • Reducing, if not entirely excluding the need to spend extra time in search for course materials.
  • There is no longer need to juggle documents via email.
  • Losing documents and older version of the same is virtually impossible.
  • Finding files happens quickly.

Good Flexibility

Staying flexible in the modern market is of the utmost importance.  When it comes to improving training projects and the learning experience in an organization, while increasing its flexibility, a cloud-based LMS solution offers an unparalleled experience.

In an unstable market, your business may demand different change. The features of cloud-based authoring tools provide more flexibility since they allow easy editing. You can change and update courses, objectives and learning goals.

If the organization requires advanced features, the current plan you are getting from your LMS provider can be easily upgraded, and you won’t have to lose any of the data which is already being used.

Increased Efficiency

For an organization, it is very crucial to have all projects and business processes standardized. The standardization process requires, besides employee training, a lot of time and effort put in terms of management. With so much focus on maintaining consistency, productivity inevitably pays the price.

Cloud-based authoring tools and LMS’ present a unique opportunity for the entire organization to have one central area where all templates and other course resources are kept and edited. On top of that, both course designers and trainees will have immediate feedback on the progress. All of this enables better productivity of the entire workforce.

Collaboration Made Easy

Essential benefits of cloud-based Authoring Tools and Learning Management Systems

Cloud technology allows collaboration regardless of the location. Anyone with proper privileges can access the authoring tools and help when the course has to be created or updated.

The learning process also happens from any location or device, thus allowing your students/employees to learn at their own pace. Also, when the business is expanding, new partners and retailers can be invited to attend the course to maintain branding and customer service consistency.

Lower Costs

Training programs are very expensive, and prices tend only to go up if the organization gets bigger. Since your cloud-based LMS is paid for on a monthly based plan which you can cancel or activate at any time, the training costs are significantly lower when compared to any other solution.

Reviewing Tool and Autosave

Cloud-based authoring tools have a built-in reviewing tool that allows users to review the course before publishing it. This option enables authors to ensure that all courses have the same design and provide accurate information and in the right sequence.

Since the software is running in the cloud, any progress made by the course author or student is automatically stored online. This prevents data and progress loss, which eventually improves efficiency.


These were the some of the essential benefits of cloud-based authoring tools and LMS’. As you can see, organizations will not only improve and maintain the level of skill with this solution, but they will also increase productivity and lower training costs.

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