Evaluating Content Quality by Using an Online Tool

Content development has certain regulations when it is being done at the highest level. One of the major rules is that you cannot present copied content in any manner. Using a content source simply means that you have to present the original author with due credit. It is not easy for professional authors to develop top quality content. Days of research and endless content writing tasks are needed to deliver writing pieces that create an impact. Thus, you should not copy the content created. If you are using it for completing an assignment, preparing a web page, writing a blog or completing any other task. If you are a writer, and facing any difficulty in evaluating the quality of your content, then you should have to use prepostseo.com to find out any plagiarism issues in your content.

Plagiarism is a serious problem in every case

A lot of college and university problems face serious ramifications when they submit copied information in an intentional or unintentional manner. The most common reason is lack of knowledge. Students simply do not know that copying content is a forbidden act. When they have to complete an assignment, they copy information from a website or journal and present the submission. The actual problem starts when the paper is checked. Academic assignments are checked in a detailed manner and supervisors do not leave any stone unturned. Even if a small portion of the content has been copied, the entire paper would face rejection.

  • Preventive measures have to be taken if the damages of plagiarism have to be avoided. First of all, the content should be rephrased properly. Along with that, the content should be checked properly so that no traces of copied content are left. The best way to check content is by using a plagiarism checker.

No mistakes left unchecked

Using a plagiarism checker simply means that no mistakes would be left unchecked. This is what you need to do if you want your assignment to be graded highly. What is the main difference between checking plagiarism manually and by using a tool? The biggest difference is the level of efficiency.  Before students start the plagiarism checking phase, they have to compile content according to the requirements of the assignment. This is already an exhausting process. Hence, after that, when they have to check the assignment for plagiarism, it is another high-pressure task for them.

  • A plagiarism checker removes the needed pressure from the mind of the students. In other words, they do not have to perform any check manually. Using a quality plagiarism checker means that the checking process would be completed in quick time. These tools are very quick and even if the content word count is large, the checking process would not consume more than a few minutes. If you compare this time frame to what students spend, it is much smaller.
  • Plagiarism checking is not about going through some chapters and ignoring the rest. This is not how things work. The assignment has to undergo end to end checking which means that every line has to be checked. The situation becomes a lot easier to handle if a tool is being used. Only a technological tool can read through each line without anything being skipped. If plagiarism is checked without a tool, there are high chances that some areas would be skipped.

Quick and very efficient process

Using a technological tool for a purpose always has various benefits. We can take the example of a calculator. It determines various mathematical results in no time with 100% accuracy. Consider that you have to total the prices of 15 products, would you sit down with a pen and paper to use a calculator. Every sensible person would opt for a calculator to avoid mistakes and put time to better use.

  • A plagiarism checker is a technological tool and does not make errors while the check is being performed. It is obvious that if these calculations are performed manually, mistakes can be committed. Even if one value is written or added incorrectly, the entire sum would be different. The same logic is applied in the case of plagiarism. Students cannot commit even one mistake.

Interface and usage

Plagiarism checking tools offer several benefits to the users and one of them is ease of use. These tools are simple to use and once you have performed a few simple steps, the status of written content would become apparent.

  • First of all, select the content which has to be checked. Consider that you need to check the content of your assignment. You can either copy the content in the form of text or upload the document directly. When the content insertion/uploading processes have been completed, the scanning process would begin.
  • Even the lengthiest assignments get scanned in short time slots. Once the scanning process has been completed, you would know about the sections that are plagiarized. These sections would be highlighted. After that, you have to rephrase these sections and run the scanning process again. The process has to be repeated until no part of the content is highlighted. This is when you can submit the assignment without any doubt.
  • Plagiarism checking tools have a simple user interface so users do not have to search for options. A lot of tools have this problem. They have a complicated interface so users have trouble finding the correct options. A plagiarism checker, on the other hand, does not have this issue. It is quick and easy to use. The best thing is that the use of a reliable tool eliminates the fears of submitting copied content from the mind of the user.


Irrespective of the purpose for which content is being written, if there are plagiarism problems, it would be a big issue for the submitter. Students face plagiarism problems on a major scale because they are not watchful in this relation. Firstly, they do not count plagiarism check as an important step. A lot of them do not even know that copying content is not permissible. In such cases, plagiarism checking tools come in handy. They scan through written content and provide an assurance that the content is 100% unique.


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