Everything You Need To Know About ContentMart – An In Depth Review

At the August 2016 AdTech in Busan I came across a company which seemed like a flagship marketplace for hiring quality work producing freelance content writers.

The dotcom bubble burst a long time ago, but the dotcoms themselves did not. If you own a professional website or are a blogger with an entrepreneurial spirit, you must be aware of the competition this lucrative, yet demanding market encourages.

About ContentMart

As a site owner who is looking to cash in on inbound marketing, you need to write unique quality consistent articles or a freelance content writer who will do it on your behalf. Content Mart allows you to achieve such outsourcing solutions at a bargain price, and for content writers, it provides a catalogue of a generous and secure client base.

If you have scrolled till this point, it seems like your kind of a story. To know more about this window of opportunity stay hooked and read the article till the end.

How ContentMart helps your business or blogs

As we type in the URL and open the website, Contentmart grabs your attention with a clean, intuitive design that tells you about the website. If you belong to either side of the content writing segment, you must have come across sites like Freelancer, Upwork, Elance or Guru. Think of ContentMart as something similar, but scaled up quite a few notches.

All kinds of job-related to writing which might vary from content writing and copywriting to sales page or reviews, you will always get a writer to hire in sync to your requirements. The site boasts a strong and chunky community of over 52,000 writers and a client base of over 69,000. The site also lists a few of their renowned partners who are organizations skilled at their crafts and have an undisputed reputation. Some of them are Aviva, The Economic Times,  H&R Block, proptiger, UNICEF, and YourStory.

ContentMart.in is unique in its field since it focuses and caters to the Indian writers and clients and is quick to astonish their users with its ridiculous simplicity and efficiency.  Though it has a hefty Indian base, content can be written for ordered from anywhere on the globe through ContentMart.

So, I tried out the site to test their claims and blown away is the least I would say, since the experience was different and pleasingly unique enough to rob me of my vocabulary.

The picture you see above matched the smoothness and flow of my project’s execution.

As shown here I filled out the various factors including subject, description, deadline and category of writing among other fields of my projects as shown

Next, you can choose the basis of payment; pay per word or article and set the privacy condition for your project. After you finalize everything click publish and get the job posted. Now you simply need to wait for writers to bid on the project at your predefined rate or propose a rate of their choice.

But you need to hold your horses and be prepared for the added bonus unique to this site. Ready? Contentmart.com even allows you to hire writers for regional languages like Hindi, Bengali or Tamil. This comes real handy when you want to target a different spectrum of consumers or are just interested in a broader audience and are looking forward to getting all your articles converted to a regional language.

Everything You Need To Know About ContentMart – An In Depth Review

Within a day and a half, I got about five bids from the same page and got in depth insight on various attributes of my bidders including quick profile, review and even had the option to chat with the bidder before deciding on awarding the project to an individual. The chat feature is my personal favorite since it allows me to further assess my writers on their ability to carry out the job and gets things executed faster.

If this is your debut at the site, you need to fill out the balance. The site is aptly secure and friendly when it comes to payments. You can add an amount through net banking, HDFC PayZapp or through mobile wallets like mobikwick. After a transaction test, you will be able to add the funds and award the project to your chosen bidder.

Anton Rublevskky, the founder of Contentmart.com, has made his beautiful vision into reality with this website. It is a great platform for clients and writers to work in synchronization and getting the job done with high time and quality efficiency. Contentmart themselves set strict guidelines before allowing bidders on their website and handle all the payments as well. They even have complex anti-plagiarism algorithms which filter out below standard material and allows hassle free resubmissions if the writer missed out on any set expectations. The applaud-worthy thing is that they provide this premium service for free of cost.

 So, go ahead and try Contentmart.com and let us know about your amazing experience.



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