Everything you need to know about mAadhaar Card

The mAadhaar is an app that is released by the Government of India’s Unique Identification Development Authority of India (UIDAI). This is done with a motive to help users to use the digital version of Aadhaar Card as it is not possible for them to carry their physical Aadhaar Card wherever they go. The need to produce Aadhaar Card is being made mandatory. Keeping in mind that anyone in this generation does not step out of their homes without carrying their smartphones, the mAadhaar has been designed.

Everything you need to know about mAadhar Card

How to download mAadhaar?

The mAadhaar app can be downloaded in any android phone by following the below steps:

  • One should go to the PlayStore.
  • The Search Tab can be used to search for the app which is also the best option to search.
  • Type in mAadhaar on the search bar.
  • The very first search result will be the mAadhaar app.
  • Click on the Install button and accept the terms and conditions to install the App on one’s mobile phone.

Thus, the app is installed.

Get it on Google Play Store – Direct Link

How to access the mAadhaar app

To access the mAadhaar app, one needs to follow the below instructions

  • A password has to be created to lock the mAadhaar app as soon as it is downloaded in a mobile phone.
  • The password should be eight characters long with a capital letter, a special character, a digit.

This password has to be created because if one loses their mobile phone, it becomes easy for unknown third-party people to access their private data. To prevent the chances of misuse, the password option is a must.

Many of us make mistake and due to it we might have got incorrect details in aadhar card. We can get Aadhaar card updated with ease. You can follow steps in the given link to do the same.

How to link Aadhaar details with mAadhaar app

The following instructions have to be followed to link the Aadhaar details with mAadhaar app.

Once the password is created, and the app has been secured, now the Aadhaar details have to be fed into the app. To feed the Aadhaar details, there are two methods.

Method 1:

One can enter the Aadhaar details into the phone manually.

Method 2:

Take the Aadhaar Card, and one has to scan the barcode-like how users do to use the WhatsApp on the web.

By doing this, the details of the Aadhaar Card get fed into the app.

The details on the app get activated by entering the OTP that one receives after the scanning processes. The OTP gets entered automatically as the app asks for permission to access the media files and read SMS’ on the phone.

How to view one’s profile on the app

Now that the profile details have been linked to the phone, one has to view the profile. This can be done by opening the app and clicking on the Profile option.

Important points to remember before downloading the app

1. Registered mobile number

One can install the app on the mobile phone that has the registered mobile number of the Aadhaar Card. Otherwise, the details won’t get activated.

2. Three profiles

There can be a maximum of three profiles that can be accessed from the app registered with one SIM card in a phone.

Thus, these are the key ideas to be kept in mind to use the mAadhaar app effectively.

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