Facebook Becomes First Non-Google App to Pass 5 Billion Installs on Android

The social media platform Facebook becomes the first non-Google application to cross five billion downloads on Android. The app has an overall of 1.6 billion daily active users and about 2.5 billion monthly active users. Moreover, the download count of the app was raised as Facebook has partnered with different device manufacturers to ship its app pre-installed on their devices.

Social media applications are entering into our lives with each passing day. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the list goes on and on, the list of new platforms to increase its popularity, but Facebook, social media applications among the most downloaded application has succeeded.

According to official data, Facebook has managed a very difficult success to reach 5 billion downloads behind. As we all know that Google applications that are pre-installed on Android devices rank at the peak of the number of downloads. Therefore, it becomes a difficult achievement for a separate application to be downloaded by users.

Despite being the most popular app on Android, Facebook has made agreements with companies such as Samsung, LG, Huawei to pre-install the application. Further, Facebook accomplished this success in the last 5 years after 1 billion downloads in 2014.


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