Facebook bought a new service – this time it’s PlayGiga, a Spanish cloud gaming service

Madrid-based company PlayGiga is known to be cost-effective cloud gaming solution.

Facebook is a shopaholic, of brands. You know what I mean. It has now acquired a Spanish cloud gaming service. PlayGiga previously functioned in Italy, Argentina, Chile, and Spain. It is rumored that the social media giant paid a whopping $78 million to purchase PlayGiga.

Facebook tweeted about the acquisition saying “We’re thrilled to welcome @PlayGigaOficial to the Facebook Gaming team.” However, they explicitly mentioned that they won’t be commenting on it as of now.

PlayGiga was founded in 2013 where they ran its first-ever cloud gaming service in Europe which was later on shut. “PlayGiga is a cost-effective cloud gaming solution with excellent user experience, latency reduced to less than 30ms and an ever-growing games catalog with an injection of new titles in less than two weeks.”

The move doesn’t come as a surprise as Facebook has been keen on expanding itself into the gaming arena. It had acquired virtual reality headset maker Oculus for $2 billion in 2014. It then started selling the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift since May of this year.

PlayGiga’s also made the news official on its website. “We are continuing our work in cloud gaming, now with a new mission. We want to thank all of our partners and customers for their support over the years.”


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