Facebook dominated this decade with its four popular social media app

Facebook eliminated it competition by purchasing Instagram and WhatsApp.

App Annie, an analytics firm, disclosed a list of the most-downloaded apps and games of this decade. According to the list, micro transaction games ruled the gaming section these ten years, along with some social media and telecommunication apps. This might sound shocking but Facebook literally owned this decade with its set of apps.

Facebook dominated this decade with its four popular social media app
Image Source: App Annie

Though not surprising, the list shows that social media came and captured the segment, in terms of apps. Facebook, the parent firm to Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram weren’t the original inventors of the last two apps. The social media giant bought Instagram and WhatsApp which made headlines at that time. Facebook even added ‘From Facebook’ to all its apps.

This might be a reason for Facebook to celebrate given the legal mess its been in. If you were living under a rock, it is currently being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission over antitrust allegations. The critics argue that Facebook eliminated its competition by buying them. If the firm has indeed violated the antitrust laws, it will lose WhatsApp and Instagram.

On the 5th spot is the Snapchat, which Facebook tried a lot to include in its list of apps it owns. Snapchat rejected its $3 billion offer. Skype is at the sixth place while TikTok snagged the seventh spot Skype. It was surprising to see Twitter and YouTube not included in the top 7 list. In the list of top apps by spend, Facebook isn’t seen anywhere as it is dominated by video and music apps, such as Netflix. Tinder embraced the second spot, even though it is a dating app.

Although the most-downloaded game of this decade was Subway Surfers, the games of this decade are Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans.


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