Facebook is Rolling out a new Privacy Tool in Ireland, South Korea, and Spain

Facebook is taking privacy a bit serious. Being in the news for violating user’s privacy, the social media giant is taken a new way to address the concern. A year and a half ago Mark Zuckerberg announced the plan to roll out a feature giving users more control over their data, i.e. server the connection between the web browser history and Facebook accounts.

The feature is finally rolling out. Dubbed as ‘Clear History,’ Ireland, South Korea, and Spain will be the first three countries to use this feature. Interestingly, the US is missing from the list. However, Facebook says other countries to follow “in the coming months.” The tool was created when the controversy of Cambridge Analytica hit Facebook like a brick. It basically gives users more control over their data privacy at the expense of advertisers’ targeting capabilities.

Facebook said in a blog post today, “Since Off-Facebook Activity is a new kind of tool, there was no template for us to follow. Our engineering teams redesigned our systems and built a new way for them to process information. We also conducted months of research to get input from people, privacy advocates, policymakers, advertisers and industry groups. We made important changes in response to what we learned.”

The tool will gradually be made available in several countries and when it does, you can see Clear History tool in a new section of the service called “Off-Facebook activity.” This will give you the list of applications and websites that are tracking your activity which then sends reports back to Facebook for ad targeting purposes. You can also tap on the ‘Clear History’ button which will disengage that information from your Facebook account.

Facebook is Rolling out a new Privacy Tool in Ireland, South Korea, and Spain

But keep in mind, that it’s not going to stop collecting the data; it’ll just clean any of your personal information from it. Also, not many people will actually change their info through this.



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