Facebook launches a meme-making app called ‘Whale’

Memes created from Whale can be shared through other apps.

Facebook has released a new meme-making app called ‘Whale‘ which is currently available on the Canadian App Store. The App Store listing says it can be used to edit your own photos or images from a library of stock photos. The app claims to be completely free with no hidden subscription fees. Moreover, Users can “get creative with text, tools, effects, and more” to create these memes.

Facebook launches a meme-making app called Whale
Image Source: itsnicethat.com

The app offers text customizations in terms of font and colors. It also allows users to upload pictures from the camera roll as well as click real-time pictures to create memes. Users can also add emojis, filters and popular effects like laser eyes, vortex, bulge and more. The app also allows its users to save these memes and share them on other apps.

Facebook launches a meme-making app called Whale
Image Source: firstpost.com

As per a report by The Information, the developers of this meme generating app – New Product Experimentation are “a nascent, skunkworks group.” The report also cites a Facebook spokesperson who has said that the apps created by this group “could be shut down quickly and are intended to help the company find new features and services that people like.”

The app has been released in the US and is under testing phase. Moreover, the Facebook division’s previous apps- Aux and Bump were also limited to the Canadian audience.

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