Facebook spelled ‘password’ wrong in new Instagram renders

Recently, Facebook got a new logo with a really bland and generic font. And now the Zuckerberg empire made a silly mistake by spelling “password” wrong in the Instagram renders it showed off.

The images awkwardly read “passwqord.” Moreover, US agent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is filing its flustered leader in excess of its political ad techniques and shedding countless numbers of information moderators mainly because they could not deal with the terrible performing problems.

Facebook spelled ‘password’ wrong in new Instagram renders
Image Source: thenextweb.com

Further, the new wordmark logo is meant to be used with different colors and therefore can integrate with the visual identity of Facebook‘s other properties. Facebook said that it will start using the new brand within products and marketing materials over the coming weeks.

As the news has started to gather momentum on Twitter, there are chances that Facebook will soon update the renders.


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