Facebook sues ILikeAd celeb bait and cloaking practices

The Hong Kong company baited users to click on ads for counterfeit goods, diet pills, and male enhancement supplements.

Social media giant Facebook has sued Hong Kong-based ILikeAd for baiting people into clicking on hokum advertisement links and celebrities’ photos which installed malware on their devices. The bogus ads included male enhancement supplements, diet pills, and fake goods.

Facebook sues ILikeAd celeb bait and cloaking practices

Image Source: Reuters

The complaint highlights that ILikeAd advertised itself as ‘a one-stop comprehensive solution to advertisers’ in the hopes to market their goods on Facebook. The social media firm said this enabled the defendants to hijack users’ ad accounts, known as “account take over fraud,” infringing its terms of service and advertising policies.

Jessica Romero, Facebook’s director of platform enforcement and litigation, said in a statement, “Creating real-world consequences for those who deceive users and engage in cloaking schemes is important in maintaining the integrity.”

Facebook said that such lawsuits happen seldom and it had also warned a lot of Facebook users this April that their account had been compromised. It also had to issue more than US$4 million as refunds to customers whose accounts were used by ILikeAd to run illegal advertisements.


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