Facebook to add its Name to Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp a few years ago and the latter platforms are quite the go-to social media apps for many people. Yet, Facebook has been in the news quite a while and to make it even more relevant, the California-Headquartered social networking service company is planning to add its name, as a suffix if you might. It has already started adding its name on Instagram at the bottom of the settings page. It is only visible to iOS users though.

Facebook to add its Name to Instagram and WhatsApp
Image Source: The Next Web

Reports suggest that this is being done as Facebook faces greater scrutiny from regulators around the world for clarity concerning data privacy practices. The regulators also want to know how much information does Facebook share with whom.

The firm’s spokesperson told Reuters, “We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook.”

The pressure is from both sides. US Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren is pursuing an action to break up Facebook, Alphabet Google, and Amazon. Her ads about her presidential campaign were deleted by Facebook only to be restored later.

Instagram is an important source of Facebook’s revenue and due to its exclusion from the privacy scandals, youth prefer it a lot more than any other social media platform, which attracts more advertisements.

Facebook has to pay $5 billion as a fine to US Federal Trade Commission regarding a data privacy probe. The social media firm said in July that the introduction of new rules and products would slow its revenue growth that will extend into next year.

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