Facebook to Soon Monetize WhatsApp

Facebook to Soon Monetize WhatsApp

Facebook is currently looking out for ways to make revenue off WhatsApp. And if we go by reports you might soon start getting advertisements on WhatsApp. These Ads will be displayed in the Status Tab. Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most popular and loved the instant messaging app for billion of users.

The Facebook-owned app may serve advertisements to its users and the feature has been spotted on the app for the iOs operating system. It has so far been free to download and also advertisement free. This new feature that has been tested may negatively affect users. Alex Stamos, Chief Security Officer at Facebook tweeted about this too. He said in his tweet that it is necessary for Whatsapp to generate revenue.

He said that it can be either be by making people pay for the app but that can’t be it so advertisements are a great option. Going by his statement its clear that Facebook will monetize WhatsApp.

As charging for Whatsapp might not go well advertising may be the thing that can generate revenue.

WeBetainfo which is a popular Whatsapp leak portal has disclosed some tweets that they have come across. Whatsapp is testing advertisements inside the stories feature on its app. Like how you come across Ads when you watch Instagram stories this might also be a way in which ads will come in the statuses of Whatsapp.

What’s more interesting that this feature has been spotted on the iOs operating system first and not Android.

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