FBI warns potential spying by your Smart TV

The FBI says that users should understand how to enable and disable microphones and cameras.

Sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday dol out huge discounts, especially on electronics. You might have bought a Smart TV as it was a bang for your buck. If the Federal Bureau of Investigation is to be believed, your SmartTV could be the next target for cybercriminals.

FBI warns potential spying by your Smart TV
Image Source: Grit Daily

“At the low end of the risk spectrum, they can change channels, play with the volume, and show your kids inappropriate videos. In a worst-case scenario, they can turn on your bedroom TV’s camera and microphone and silently cyberstalk you,” the FBI warning states.

Features like built-in microphones and cameras can be hacked to intrude on your privacy. Moreover, the FBI’s press release states that people who buying smart TVs jeopard their privacy to TV manufacturers, app developers and more importantly hackers.

Cybersecurity expert and GCHQ former analyst Matt Tait said, “Next-gen smart TVs and devices run complex software, have Internet connections and often have integrated sensors like microphones. These features enable things like internet streaming services and voice-commands, but can, unfortunately, be subverted by hackers if the device gets compromised.”

The FBI has prepared a list to warn Smart TV users. They advise you to change the default passwords of the smart TV, of course, if such an option is available. Another advice is to know how to disable microphones and cameras. If disabling isn’t an option, use the good old method of placing black tape over the camera is recommended. Moreover, check if the manufacturer updates your Smart TV with security patches that put an end to bugs placed by hackers.

Keep the above-outlined points in mind. Make sure to purchase a Smart TV from a known manufacturer.


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