20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Today, I have decided to join “22 Female Bloggers” who will share their content development strategy with us. 

As we all believe that Content is the King, that is why there is no better topic than to discuss about Content creation tactics.

I’ve reached out to several female bloggers who blog professionally and passionately. And ended up with useful tips about Content development shared by Successful female bloggers. 

I promise to every reader that you will learn something new today about creating an Awesome Article. 

Let’s learn from them. 


20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Erika Mohssen – Beyk


I am German, Iranian and now Canadian a Citizen of the World, I am a certified Dream Builder Coach I believe we are capable of far more than we realize. I believe we all deserve to live a life we love living. I believe in the spiritual site of success.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Hi Mihir, thank you for including me here.

I have a lot of ideas, but I am writing about what I see may be needed Noticing what people talk about on the internet.There are often questions coming up and I am writing from the heart.

I usually use Grammarly to be sure there are no mistakes.Sometimes It takes me long to write, and I search for the right words. I use Google translate, the dictionary for German words which I do not know in English and often they sound not like I want.dictionaryo find what I think is the right word.

For me it is not easy to express myself in English because I speak mainly Farsi every day which is even more difficult to translate.It is said Farsi is sweet like sugar 🙂 I started only around 3 Years ago to write in English, but I am learning. If I can not find the right words, I love to use quotes proverbs and poems.If I see good ones, I keep them in mind. This is how I create content . Ideas are often more than I have time writing about. I am using Grammarly, Google, and Dictionary.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Lisa Sicard


She Blogs at Inspire to Thrive, Past Contributor to RISBJ on Social Media for small businesses and guest posts among other blogs on social media, blogging and SEO. 5+ years of social media marketing experience and WordPress knowledge and experience.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

“I start to create content when I get excited about a topic. It is either something I’ve read about or just learned about. I also am inspired by questions or comments on my previous posts.  
I write just about Twitter and occasionally other social media. I do not write just about blogging or SEO like I used to – but if I can tie it into social media I will. I’ve narrowed my niche in the past year down to social media and specifically Twitter. I think people struggle with Twitter more than any other social network out there.  
I do a lot of research on the topic and check out with other bloggers have written. I’ve started to use Buzzsumo for this and sometimes Quora. I then look for images I can incorporate into the post and tweets about the topic too. I then use Canava for creating images that fit into social sites nicely. Sometimes I hire out too for creative services.
I then use co-schedule for help with my title. I do spend more time on titles than ever before. I also use JS Free spell checker.
I do try to wait a day before publishing. When I first started blogging I’d hit publish immediately and find errors too.I don’t expect to be error free all the time but I strive to have less of them with the tools I use.” 

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Nirmala Santhakumar


Nirmala is a devoted blogger who likes to write about technology, social media and blogging. She leads a simple life and would like to help people through her writing skills.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

I would always prefer to craft the valuable content for my loyal readers to establish a brand awareness for my blog.

I know where my targeted audience is located and what they need! Thus, I’ll not be getting any difficulties on getting the ideas to write about.

However, I take part in the blogging communities, and hence I’m getting a nice opportunity to gather the post ideas for my readers. Whenever I came across the helpful content suitable for my blog visitors, I would like to make it better and present for them (like skyscraper technique of Backlinko)

I use Evernote as a note making tool to note down the tips that need to be brainstormed. Then I use Google Docs to write my content and then move to WordPress.  

My suggestion: If we blog on familiar topics, then the content creation would become much easier. We can maintain the consistency as well. 

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Preet Sandhu


My Name is Preet Sandhu. I was born in Chandigarh, India. I can proudly say i am among few Female bloggers From Asia (India mentioned above). I am the founder of www.helpsutra.com, a blog created to discuss some common problems regarding health, dating, etc. and Beforebuyreviews.com, a reviews blog.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

The most crucial part of successful content marketing strategies involves knowing your audience. Depending on the goals you establish, you will need to put together either an audience profile or specific buyer personas that will guide your content ideation and creation moving forward. 
People often ask me what it takes to be a good writer. The short answer is, I don’t know. I always say writing is an art so there can’t be any shortcuts to adapt it in yourself. Still you should not loose a hope if you can’t write well or, your language is not strong to express your point of few. For that I would suggest, just be Yourself and put your opinion in your piece of content, practice writing everyday, learn to pitch your pieces, start with small and grow slowly and steadily. 
If I talk from a blogger point of view then any controversy, trend or competition level in a specific field automatically generates ideas in my mind. I just make sure whatsoever I am writing should provide value to my readers and YES! return of investment to my blog. 
I just use Grammarly (Grammer checker tool) for checking errors in my article. 

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Aswini Vadapalli


Hi, I am Aswini Vadapalli. a blogger from India. I specialize in writing SEO articles and maintaining my blog.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Hi, Mihir’s team of 3nions and the guys going through the post. I am very thankful for presenting me in the roundup and giving place in his blog 3nions for the 2nd time. I really feel privilege to be here along with the great bloggers who are doing awesome in blogging.

With my personal experience, I would love to share few things which I do on a regular basis for my blog.

How I Create Content:

The art of creating content has killed many would be bloggers in their tracks. Many of them have found it pretty hard to survive in this huge competition and found themselves in painful situation to create content.

Here I won’t say creating content is a very easy task or a typical task. Because I believe very well that you all know the answers better than me.

Here all I am going to relive the process of my content curation:

The content Creation has been a challenging task for me because I always find hard to make some time to write my articles in my busy corporate lifestyle

I always follow some unique steps to create my blog’s content.

  1. Initially, I plan to make up my mind for creating content, and I do believe that this is an important task, because whenever we write from our heart then the content will have some life. If you don’t keep your mind and soul in writing, you will find your article dead. So always make up your mind to write.
  2. I always check and read other popular blogs to get some good knowledge and pick some topics which are normally written by them.
  3. I’ll find a subject that is more attractive and exciting. Because when you find something interesting you can do more research and write effectively on that topic.
  4. After picking my topic, I make sure that people are really willing to read that article or not. This is an important point because when you are writing something for your blog your utmost priority is to gain an audience and to help them.
  5. Make sure that people are reading those topics or not. You can do that with the help of forums, social media and you can also use the tool like buzz sumo to measure that topic.
  6. Finally, after having a perfect topic I would start writing my question until I reach the end of the article.

I believe this process helps me a lot because I am finding a topic which is interesting for me, and so is for you. Once if you find those kind of topics you can easily keep your efforts on it.

This is the process of my content creation, but in few cases when I don’t get my desired topic I’ll start looking around in social media groups for raising questions and sometimes I’ll ask my friends or audience for the topic they would like to see from me.

Coming to the writing tips:

I am not a precise and experienced writer but I do write some stories and content on regular basis.

The first tip I want to say for 3nions audience is

  • Always stay away from fear, you can’t really express when you have a fear of writing.
  • First, avoid your fear to start your writing flow. Don’t just bother about your mistakes make a piece of article and try to improve it.
  • Make use of the grammarly tool, to find your grammatically errors.
  • Although you use Grammarly but make sure you proofread your content after editing with Grammarly, because sometimes you’ll find errors in Grammarly.
  • Have an outline when you write. Break up each section into few sections and write them without any sort of stress.
  • Get your early feedback from your friends or others nearby and do note their views on your writing. Don’t just panic when they say it’s not nice, just try to improve yourself eventually.

Remember you can’t achieve anything at the start itself, to achieve something big you need some time, patience and willingness to win.

Finally I am wrapping up my writing by just saying few words,

This is my style of writing, it will definitely vary from person to person. It is just an opinion which I have suggested, few may like and few may not. So anything is good to have. 

Always do remember that mistake game has “less to do with the task you do and more to do with self-confidence and self-worth.”

All the best Mihir and team. You guys are doing great work and hope you reach all the heights in blogging.







20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Minuca Elena


I create expert roundups that provide quality content, bring huge traffic and get back-links. I, also, help bloggers to connect with influencers.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

I create posts on topics that I feel that my audience is interested in. To find out their interests, I pay attention to the questions I get in blog comments and Facebook groups from my niche. For example, I write about blogging. I am a member of a lot of blogging groups and I interact with a lot of newbie bloggers there. Seeing the things they struggle with gives me ideas for new posts.
Then I use Ahrefs to confirm that indeed many people search the topic on Google and to identify the keywords for which I want to rank. 
I then would write a post focusing on those keywords. It’s important to have a compelling literary style and empathize with your readers. The best blog posts that become viral use emotions and stories. Take a look at Jon Morrow’s posts and you will see that.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Lorraine Reguly


Hi. I’m Lorraine. I do freelance writing and editing. I also complete assignments well and on time. I’m a certified English teacher who has been blogging for years. I do both freelance writing and editing. I also help others become authors.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

As a writer, I am full of ideas. I generally write them down as soon as I am hit with inspiration, otherwise I will forget them! This is probably my biggest tip for bloggers: write your ideas down when you get them!

Read this post for more info on this: Why You Should (+ How to) Act IMMEDIATELY When Hit With Inspiration

 When it comes to creating content, I usually try to provide a solution to a problem that I have faced myself. Chances are, if I had trouble figuring something out, others have had the same issue! That is why I write clear, step-by-step tutorials. That is also why I write informative blog posts on Wording Well.

(You can find a list of tutorials on the Resource Kit page.)

When I am writing a blog post (or anything else), I generally use an outline. Sometimes I use a mind map. With an outline, I can organize my thoughts clearly. I can also decide which types of H tags I will use in the post. Here is an example of an outline for a blog post on the writing process, taken from one of my status updates on Facebook:

H1: (title) The Writing Process

– introduction and purpose of post

H2: Brainstorm

– list the ways of doing this

H2: Write

-intro to the 4 ways

H3: (Way #1) Use Stream-of-Consciousness Writing

– definition

H3: (Way #2) Write Blindfolded (or with your eyes closed)

– mention benefit of doing this

H3: (Way #3) Use a Pen and Paper

– relay a personal story

H3: (Way #4) Write Section-by-Section

-say how to do this

H2: Revise the Outline

-as you write, you will get more ideas and may need to re-order things

H2: Take a Break

– let things settle before beginning the next step

H2: Edit Your First Draft

– proofread, rearrange, rewrite

H2: Get Feedback (if possible)

– ask others their opinion

H2: Give it a Final Edit (or send it to an editor such as myself)

H2: Conclusion and Call-to-Action

– summary + what you want your readers to do

NOTE: This is just a quick example of an outline for a post about the writing process (off the top of my head).

As I am writing the post, I also bold and italicize the text, and add colors.

I generally format as I write, too.

Once I am done all that, I come up with an awesome title for the blog post, check to see that it meets all SEO requirements (according to the Yoast plugin), and then I add images to it.

Once that is all done, I add Tweetables to it. (I use the Tweet Dis plugin, which you can buy, but you can get a free one from the WordPress depository. Use any of these.)

If I am adding a “content upgrade” to the post, I will then add that in.

If not, then my post is ready to be scheduled to publish.

 However, before I publish ANY POST, I make sure to proofread it a few days later.

As an editor, this is easy for me. English is my first language, and I earn a living by knowing it well (I am a freelance writer and editor).

But not everyone can afford to hire an editor. So I encourage them to use the tips outlined in 5 Self-Editing Hacks to Boost Your Blog Writing (+ a FREE Checklist!)

 Some writing-related posts (including tools to use) that your readers might enjoy are:

8 Great Writing Tools to Keep You Motivated to Write

Writer’s Block (+ the 10 Best Ways to Overcome It)

20 Ways to Be a Master Writer and Improve Your Writing Skills

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Shiwangi Shrivastava


This is Shiwangi Shrivastava, the founder, CEO, writer, and chief editor of the blog Pensitdown. Before her son, she worked in corporate Muthood Group. Now the Pensitdown is  a blog managed by Shiwangi.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

I wrap my head around the words that’s where I generate my content from. I mean you should wear thinking cap and with little research articulation of content is persuasive.

When it comes to writing tips ot is state of mind. But my throw about this is simple. You readers hunt for information so first put important info in heading or in sub-heading then jump into the details and background information. I believe in the power of web world so correct timing is key factor also as we (online media) can present the news and info faster that print media. We can sharp our power more by publishing or shouting the content as fast as possible in social media sites.

I generally write for brands and if I wrote my own then I try to make the topic attention grabber and topic should be half-finished story so that will pull you to read whole content.

I indeed do not believe in using tools as I feel that your brain is the best tool to create content.

Thanks Mihir for including me…

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Deborah A. Ten Brink


Fine Art Photographer/ Branding and Marketing Consultant for Artists and Creatives.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Typically, my issue isn’t struggling with coming up with something to write about, but to try to narrow down what to write about! First and foremost, I think our focus should be on what our particular target audience needs for us to share to help them with challenges they are currently facing. This means you really have to identify with your target audience in order to know what they need.

Here are some tips on how to create valuable content that keeps your readers coming back for more!

– If you want to know more about what the challenges are that your target audience is facing, create a survey and ask them. This has worked for me in the past. By creating a survey, you will be acknowledging your reader’s importance to your business.
Everyone likes to be acknowledged and to feel important. If you choose the right questions, your reader’s responses will assist you in creating new products and services. Instead of writing for yourself, you will be providing more valuable and useful content to help your readers and become their “go to” resource whenever they experience challenges. Read more about my suggestions for creating a survey for your blog here along with tools I use.

– Look to experts in your industry and niche. They are experts for a reason. Experts are on top of the latest buzz words, market challenges and solutions. Visit your favorite industry experts for inspiration to decide on what your next blog post should be about. Of course, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t steal their content, just use it to spark your imagination!

– Take time with your headlines or blog post titles. Copyblogger statistics tell us that 80% of people will see your title but only 20% will actually read the rest of your content. Creating eye-catching blog post titles using your keywords that pull readers in is an art, a skill that can be developed. The post title is just as important as the post content itself. It will take time to get really good at it. Practice, practice, practice.

– Your blog readers are coming to you for answers. So, we have to give it to them. Make sure you don’t talk down to them, or treat them like a child. Respect them, give them tips and instruct them on how to apply the information you provide. Often, just writing a well-written post about a topic will be enough to inspire them and bring them new ideas.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Heena Shah


Heena loves to write and read about trending methods in online marketing. Her expertise is in designing creative website and Facebook Marketing

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

How you create your content?

Rather than creating a new content, I always look for the subject people are discussing. Like staying active in the Facebook groups and forums help me in knowing the queries people have in my niche. I just write about the best and detailed solution which will help user for his main query and related query.

 Sometimes, I also have a look at my competitor’s blog and check the comment section to understand what kind of content gets more engagements. Is there anything that my competitor missed in their content which can be beneficial to me. If yes, I simply just add it on my website and share .

What are your writing tips?

 Just write in the best way your readers or a common man can understand. I prefer to write in a language which even a nontechie person can understand and avoid using jargons or any terms which will make them think the meaning or move away from my website. So stay as simple as possible and write in a natural conversation way.

How you get up to the ideas about the topic?

As mentioned, I just am active in places where my readers are and that gives me ample idea on the topic to work on.

Describe some useful tools if any?

After my content is ready I check with Grammarly for any kind of grammatical errors. This is only if I don’t have the proof-reader handy.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Sazia Kazia


Hi I am Sazia Kazia founder of www.sazworld.com. I am writing about health and beauty. I learnt beautician complete course and got 6 certificates. I have Beauty parlor named as Sazworld herbal beauty clinic in Visakhapatnam wherein I am giving 100% guarantee for hair fall stop or money back guarantee. Successful treatment done for so many customers and got excellent feedback not only for hair fall but also for other services one can see before after difference.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  

I have three blogs including sazworld and I don’t want to disclose my two blogs for few reasons. Here is the link for new bloggers‎ How to Start a Successful Blog-Earn Money Online http://www.sazworld.com/how-start-a-blog-earn-money-online/

From childhood I am interested in reading books regarding health and beauty. I always read few books and create my own content about health but about beauty I have theory as well as practice and my own experience which I place on my blog in words.

Before creating title I always check in Google keyword planner for low or medium competition with high number of search which is in lakhs. I insert few keywords in content as well and use bold italic for few main and strong keywords.

I always use document tile, Meta description and meta keywords  for Images. Use caption and alt text option. Always use normal image size which is acceptable by the theme which we use for our blog as in few themes images size makes lots of difference.

Keep Alexa in control by sharing post in different social media and on face book groups. Ad face book button and twitter handle on blog.

Few of my friends suggests me to write about few diseases which is spreading more and sometimes I do research to know the idea which article to write. About beauty I am giving complete course free on my blog sazworld.

There are so many tools in Google which are very useful in terms of SEO and traffic. For example 1.Wordpress 2.Google keyword planner/ Long tail pro

  1. Buzzsumo 4.Yoast SEO plug-in 5 Canva 6. Readability test tool 7. 8. Sprout social 8. Trello 9.Email marketing tool/Auto responder 10. Google Analytics


These are the tips for blogging if you like this article please like it and share it. Keep visiting…

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Sonal Talwar


Hi I’m Sonal. You might not know my name, but you surely must have read my work somewhere or the other. I have one aim – to help you live a healthy and fit life.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  

When I start writing content for my post the first thing that comes to my mind is that there are thousands of posts and articles on this topic, then why will people read my post and not anyone else’s? So I try to bring in a new perspective. I try to write content that touches on reader’s emotions, something that they feel connected to.

The best part is to engage your readers in your content. Blogging is about community, about friendship – write as if you are talking to your friend. This is my writing tip for all the writers. For me the best way to get up-to the ideas for post is to read the blogs in my industry. Don’t copy – instead use the ideas to give your own viewpoint on it. Support your thoughts!

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Yogita Aggarwal


Yogita Aggarwal iis the founder of LetUsPublish. LetUsPublish  talk about lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, technology, politics, startups, automobile, beauty, bollywood, food, travel and everything else that you want to hear.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Here is a short and crisp formula that i use while producing content –

  • I always love content that survive for a longer period of time and this is why I create evergreen posts a lot. Also I edit old posts time to time with latest information so that it can be more helpful for readers and edited posts perform very well in search results.
  • My blog posts ideas are inspired from trending stories or from the quick research of what people will be searching in coming time.
  • My only advice for beginners is to understand the value of SEO. SEO optimized images and content is the key to get readers online. 

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Mahezabin Malida


Mahezabin Malida is the Founder of TechiesBlogPoint. She blog about WordPress, SEO, Web hosting, Online Money Making, Social Media & Marketing. TechiesBlogPoint is a Community of like-minded people who are interested in technologies and programming.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

How to create content?

I think, creating content is not a big deal. Anyone can create content on any topic. The art is displayed in the quality of the content and how much readers enjoy it while reading. There are very few people on the planet earth who will read a detailed and boring article full of jargons to gain the knowledge. Most of the people prefer to read an easy and enjoyable article to gain the knowledge.

I do the basic research on the topic I want to write and then implement the things I have come across during my research. After that, I start writing with my own words, my own experience, and my own experiments. 
You can’t be liberal when it comes to grammar. So, I check my whole article with Grammarly and after some basic checkings, I publish my content on my blog.

Writing Tips:

  • Write less and express more
  • Don’t use tough words where you can use easy one.
  • Read your article after completion as a reader who knows nothing about that specific topic.
  • Justify the title with relevant content. Content should be as per the expectation which was created by your title.
  • Enjoy while writing. If you won’t enjoy writing your topic, Readers won’t enjoy while reading.

How to get Ideas about the topic:

  • As my niche is WordPress and how to make money via blogging, I write articles on the problems which I face and its solution.
  • Sometimes, I also take reference of other competitor’s or pro blogger’s blog for deciding the topic.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Manidipa Bhaumik


I’m Manidipa, a blogger by passion. I love to write on WordPress, Hosting, Themes, Blogging Tips & Tricks and other related stuff.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Few words about how you create your content.

Creating content is the first most step towards blogging success. Of course SEO plays a significant role, but good content can over shade the need for SEO. My content creation technique is different for different blogs. E.g. MyDailyLifeTips.com is a multi-niche blog, so I need to create content fast and also as many as possible. However for WPBlogging360, I try to write in depth content, which takes a longer time.

What are your writing tips?

As a newbie blogger it is very important that, one follows a writing routine, so that blog post update frequency is not hampered. Here are some tips that one can follow:  

  • First of all, select a topic and decide on a temporary title.
  • Make a list of main points that you want to cover in your article.
  • Then start with one after another.
  • You can complete the article at one shot, if it is comparatively smaller. Or write on 2 -3 points at a time. It completely depends upon the individual. Try to mix up the length of the posts you publish.
  • Compile the content pieces and organize your write-up.
  • Read it again to check if there is any discrepancies.

Also it is very essential that you optimize your content for on-page SEO. Try to have a checklist of things to do before you publish a newblog post.

How you get up to the ideas about the topic?

I mostly write on evergreen topics and choose few micro niches as per the main niche of a particular blog. And for every micro niche, I try to select a set of topics that will cover most of that niche. And then start creating content for each topic.

Describe some useful tools if any.

I don’t use any tool for writing.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Nisha Pandey


Founder of  http://seotechyworld.com and http://thetechpoint.org.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

How you create your content, what are your writing tips, How you get up to the ideas about the topic, Describe some useful tools if any.

I get my ideas from multiple places. Since technology is my at the core of my niche, I keep up-to-date with the latest in the industry. The news sources always bring me something interesting, something I can explore more about and create my content.

My interaction with my readers also works as a source of inspiration for new content ideas. When someone is looking for more information, I find an opportunity for creating new content.

When it comes to writing tips, I would say that it all comes down to keeping it simple and following the basics of SEO. My first aim is to write for the human reader and not for search engines. Once I have created the content, I optimize it keeping in mind the SEO needs to rank high. However, I ensure that the content is always focused on my readers.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Dipali Thakkar


Dipali Thakkar is chasing the life experiences at this moment. She writes about anything to everything be it Movies or Travel or Digital Marketing or Tech or Fashion or Shopping.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Q1 – What are your writing tips?

Try to write for Humans, not for Search Engines. It means writing content without keyword stuffing and always try to provide valuable Insight.

P.s. Don’t use  excessive Jargon, Keep it Simple.

Q2 –  Few words about how you create your content?

Content is the King, Context is the Queen. When you write content, Keep Context in mind. It happens often, we don’t stick to the topic instead of it, we write content which isn’t relevant. 

Bonus, I always follow these 3 steps, when I write blog post,

  1. Do Research about Topic.
  2. Put all the ideas together and write outline.
  3. I give myself deadline to write blog post.

In Addition, Create visually stunning images, because Picture speaks thousand words. Try Canva.com, It is my favorite.

If you are person like who get distracted easily and then loose track of time. If so, then Use Promodro Technique for creating content. It helps me a lot 🙂


Q3 – How you get up to the ideas about the topic?

  • There are times, when your head is full of ideas then start writing it in Idea sheet. When you are out of ideas then open your idea sheet and voila 🙂
  • Research topics related to your niche,  In Quora or Youtube and read latest news and write your point of view.
  • Go to websites like Stack Overflaw, check what kind of question people are asking but  try to solve it in your next blog post.
  • Always read books and blogs which are not from your niche.

Q4 –  Describe some useful tools if any.

  • Normally I use Grammarly or take a help of friend in proof reading.
  • For headline writing, Instead of spending hours on it, I use http://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer
  • Buffer or Hootsuite for Social Media Sharing
  • Buzzsumo for Content Research
  • Google Alerts and Social Mentions to track Brand mentions,
  • Canva for Image Editing

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Radhika Mundra


Hey, I’m Radhika. I write for people who want to bring about a change in their lives by looking at life with a fresher perspective. I show them how to spice up their lifestyle by inculcating small changes, one story at a time!

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Through a focused approach towards the target audience and their interests. While choosing a topic, one must make sure they have an audience that’ll appreciate or, if not, will, even if negatively, respond to the content.
Developing great content is easier than marketing the same. Even a well researched and focused piece of content can go unnoticed if the audience doesn’t respond. Social media is a great tool for the same.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Shubhanshi Aggarwal


Shubhanshi is an internet marketing analyst and certified digital marketer with more than 6 years of experience. She is passionate about learning and sharing new methods of generating leads online so as to help the businesses grow at www.growwithweb.com and www.curiousblogger.com. She can’t stop herself from sharing her thoughts and new tips to the world through her blogs. 

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Content development is a process of sharing information about a business or a skill in which your audience is interested. You can share any kind of content on the web whether it is an infographic, a blog, a PowerPoint presentation or a video or any other form.

Following are the steps that I follow to develop content for my blog. I hope it would help you:

Step 1: Find a topic your audience is looking for online.

Step 2: Find the most relevant keywords.

Step 3: Search all facts and images which you want to include in the blog post.

Step 4: Create a blueprint of your post by mentioning all the subheadings which you want to include.

Step 5: Write down introduction and conclusion first then explain the each of the subheading.

Step 6: This is the last step officially 😉 I proof-read it and edit the complete blog post.

Step 7: Then I find a friend who reads my blog post and let me know my mistakes.

Step 8: I finally create the feature image and the images for social media sharing using Snappa and Canva.

Step 9: I finally publish the post and share it on social media and newsletter subscribers.

Following are the resources from which I find topics for my blog:

  1. Quora: Quora.com is one of the most popular question answer websites on the internet. Login to Quora.com and type in your keyword and see what people want to know about it.
  2. Forums: Go to the popular forums in your niche and see the most popular discussions. You will get an idea of people’s interest.
  3. Buzz Sumo: BuzzSumo is perfect tool to search for the topics which gets the most shares on the social media. Grab a topic from BuzzSumo and write the better content with more interesting title and share it everywhere.
  4. Ask Your Subscribers: This is the best way to know what your audience wants to read. I learn this from Noah Kagan. Just drop an email to your subscribers asking what are they struggling with. And write a blog post to answer their questions.
  5. Run a survey: Take help of survey monkey or any other survey website and people what they want to read. It would be very helpful to get most appropriate topics.

I hope you find the above mentioned information useful. 🙂

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Puspanjalee Das Dutta


She is Mommy blogger at Stories of Motherhood.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

How to create content.

Choose only those topics which really interest you. Offer to solve people’s problems even if you are writing about general things. For example, if you are writing about food, then offer them suggestions of what to eat for gout or to increase metabolism. If you are writing about books then write about what books should be read for World War literature. The main motive of why the readers are coming to your blog is to look for solution. Give them that and they will always return to you.

Writing Tips

Keep the writing simple and easy to understand. Use bullets wherever necessary. Write in points so that the main points are highlighted. It will be beneficial for you even if the readers only scan your articles; they will come again to your blog.

How to get ideas about the topic

I write about simple things that I face while raising my kid or cooking a dish. My motto is being simple and that’s how I gather the simplest things to write.

Useful tool

I always write in MS word enabling my Grammarly extension. Grammarly is a powerful tool for writers to check the errors and it’s free to download. To create my images, I rely upon Photoshop.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Anuradha Chawla


Anuradha is a full loving person who enjoys her work thoroughly and has a keen interest in writing. She is a professional blogger and actively engages with readers. In her free times, she loves reading novels along with some soft music.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

I want you to pause at this simple formula and tips while writing a post on your blog. I also follow this same procedure while drafting my blog posts.
1. Understand your audience: First You should have a clear understanding of your target audience.
2. Start with a topic and working title: Here create a kind of tweak what separates you from blogging about generic stuff to the stuff your audience wants (and needs) to hear. A working title should be specific and will guide your post so you can start writing. You can Write a Blog Post From Customer Questions or get the immense blog post ideas from Quora. I usually use Quora to get questions for my writing.
3. The Opening Line: the first impression always matter. Once you’ve got someone past your post’s title, your opening line draws them deeper into your post.
4. Your ‘point/s’ (making your posts matter): a post needs to have a point. If it’s just an intriguing title and opening, you’ll get users to read – but if the post doesn’t ‘matter’ to them, it’ll never get traction.
5. Organize blog content: you should then outline your blog post. That way, before you start writing, you know which points you want to cover, and the best order in which to do it
6. Write!: It is indeed writing the content. We couldn’t ignore about that, of course. Now that you have your outline/template, you’re ready to fill in the blanks. Use your outline as a guide and be assured to elaborate on all of your points as needed.
7. Edit/proofread your post, and fix your formatting: You’re not really done yet, but you’re close! The editing process is an essential part of blogging — don’t overlook it. Ask a grammar-conscious co-worker to copy/edit and proofread your post, or use any online tools like Grammarly. I recommend Grammarly to fix all my grammatical and other errors.
8. Visual Appearance: No one wants a wicked blog post. And it’s not simply pictures that make a post visually appealing — it’s the formatting and organization of the post, too.
9. Include CTA at the end: At the end of every blog post, you should have a call-to-action that shows what you crave the user to do next — subscribe to your blog, download an ebook, register for a webinar or event, read a related article, etc.
10. Finally Optimize for on-page SEO.

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies

Moumita Ghosh


Moumita Ghosh is owner and blogger at websiteandtechnology.com

20+ Female Bloggers shared their content development strategies  

Hi Mihir, thanks so much for inviting me to share my view regarding content management. I am honored to get this opportunity.  Let’s come to the main discussion
Though I am a blogger as well as a freelance content writer, it is very tough to manage the works for my blog, especially content writing. Every Saturday I make a list of the topics which will be written in next week for my blogs. Usually, I write content for my blogs. But sometimes it’s tough to manage content then I outsource content writing work. I am leading a team of some great writers; they help me lots in my writing work.

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  1. Hi Mihir Gadhvi, Thank you so much for adding my article in round up post.. Today I came to know about 21 other female bloggers. I use to think there are very few female bloggers. Happy to know about it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Mihir
    you did bring great and skilled ladies together here. It is nice you included me in this awesome collection of inspiring writers. It is interesting to know how others create content.
    It gives a lot of new and helpful ideas and views about writing good articles.
    It may help to encourage more people to start writing and blogging.
    You did good work.

  3. Thanks for the invitation to participate in this post. I appreciate being included in it.

    It is interesting to see how others create their content.

    We all have our own methods!

  4. Hi Mihir,

    This is a wonderful collection of tips from some top female bloggers.

    I think anyone struggling with content development strategies will find some really great advice here, from some women who really know their stuff.

    Thanks for all the hard work of assembling these ideas, Mihir.

    I will share this post with my students, for sure.


  5. Hi Mihir,
    a wonderful round-up post indeed 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Ahmad
    P.S. I just updated my blog design; Meet Ahmad [dot] com, do have a look at let me know your thoughts ;)!

  6. This Blog is informative ,a successful content strategy always brings new insight to users. Our content must be valuable by educating or informing the audience on a deeper level. If we aren’t informative, or if your content is redundant, or can be found easily elsewhere, our results and viewership will suffer.


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