Wondershare Filmora Video Editing Software Review

We have all once wanted to successfully edit videos for any reason which may be. There are a wide number of software available that can aid us in this venture. However there is one very not too over the top but very simple usage software that can provide you with great editing features. Filmora is a simple and yet a powerful video editing software available for both Windows and Mac. Wondershare Filmora is user friendly and anyone can edit their videos even if they are editing videos for the very first time. This software does not have modern features like multi-cam, motion tracking, VR mode or 360 degree videos but gives you a variety of standard features that you would usually expect in this kind of software. The one and only limitation of the software is that we can make videos only with the features available to within it.

Now let us look at the various features of the software:

  • Extremely easy for even a new user
  • It supports 4K Editing resolutions
  • You can remove unwanted background noise instantly
  • You can import pictures and videos directly from social media platforms
  • It is even compatible to the GIF format
  • Reverse video option available
  • The software has high precision of seconds hence it is perfect for time lapse videos
  • Colour tuning and camera shake options are available
  • You can preview your work frame by frame
  • Pan and zoom options are available during editing
  • You can layer up to 5 text tracks and 10 music tracks to your timeline
  • Green screen option to add special effects
  • Split screen or two or more clips can play simultaneously
  • Live computer screen recording option
  • Audio and video can be separated/ detached and edited individually
  • Scene detection option to save your time


Filmora comes in a free version but with its own limitation and if and when you are ready to pay, it comes in Mac and Windows variants. The price range for various versions ranges from $39-$59, which is much less than most other applications.

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Filmora Video Editing Software Review

The interface itself is very easy to use and you can switch between black and light-gray borders. It is not well suited for a touch screen but works amazing without it. It has 4 modes of editing, however if you enter into one you cannot switch you must restart if you want to switch.


Filmora Video Editing Software Review

Like mentioned before there are various editing options and it is a wide range indeed. New Collections of filters, animated elements,  and other modern video effects are added every month which is very exciting.


Filmora Video Editing Software Review

It already comes with pre-loaded 22 background songs. If not you can also obtain songs from your own music files or playlist. The main feature in this software is that we can split the audio from the video and edit them separately to get more clarity. We can remove unwanted background noise and it makes our work more refined.


Once our video editing is done we can share it onto our social media sites very easily and also burn it to a DVD. The last option is not available in many other such platforms.

In conclusion Filmora is indeed very simple and useful software. However, the main aspect is that it makes your editing extremely simplified and if you want to vouch for much variant kinds of editing like denoise and stabilization you might want to invest into some advanced software. The paid version could get you closer to advanced software but it is not apt for highly professional use. It is fairly pretty good software except for its limited effects but it is reasonably priced and you could invest in this if you are looking for good editing but not advanced, just the basics.

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