How to Find Facebook Friends on Instagram

Instagram has taken the spotlight away from Facebook and Snapchat for a while now. And it might stay that way for a while. The Facebook-owned platform definitely puts the ‘social’ in social media. People are swarming to take a groupie, doing some weird challenges, having fun, and most importantly, showing off! Yes, it’s more about showing off your material belongings or ‘Look, I’m at Gstaad!’ We really can blame them, we have been oiling this machinery. Narcissist people will do all kinds of things to get a few more likes (Tik Tok, Tik Tok).

While Instagram has also become ‘spreading-the-awareness’ charity field, it has also become a money-making platform that fetches you a pile of cash if you are some sort of personality. Some might agree, or disagree. Well, the Instagram that I know is a simple photo-sharing site which lets you upload a photo you think is cute. And for whom do we share it on such social media platforms? Friends, right? No, not the sitcom (though I wish Jen Ann followed me!) We go through all the fuss – taking a picture of a freshly cooked delicious looking meal instead of eating it, or recording our pets doing weird things and seeing it become the internet sensation – all to show it off to our “friends.”

Some of you might have just migrated from Facebook to Instagram (permanently, I hope.) You are hoping to find those friends on Instagram, after all, it’s much fancier than its step-sibling, ain’t it? Boomerang, Story, Quiz, etc. So, to make it easier for you folks, we’ll guide you on how to find your Facebook friends on Instagram. You don’t need more fancy applications or the help on an AI. Just a few simple techniques. Here you go!

How to Find Facebook Friends On Instagram

Syncing contacts is a mandatory step to find Facebook friends on Instagram that you already know.

Step 1: Click on your profile picture.

Step 2: Tap on the hamburger icon or the three lines in the top right corner to go to Settings.

Find Facebook Friends on Instagram

Step 3: Now tap on Discover People and now connect your contacts.

Step 4: You’ll just have to click on Follow to see what your Facebook friends are up to. There’s also a suggestion tab that suggests you follow.

Step 5: There’s another option “Follow and Invite Friends” that you’ll see at the bottom of the Settings option.

Note: If some of your friends’ accounts are private, you will have to request to make a connection. If they deny, you won’t be able to see their feed.


There you have it. These were some ways through which you can find your beloved friends from Facebook on Instagram. It was easy, wasn’t it? So, go click some more pictures and upload it. This time, your Facebook friends will be able to see those media clips too. If you are someone who sticks to a personal computer, you can learn how to DM people straight from it.

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