Fortnite X Batman Crossover makes way for Dark Knight Skin and Gotham City

Even though PUBG is considered the best battle royale game by many, it lacks the pizzaz of Fornite. It has had the biggest crossovers this past year. From Thanos’ havoc to the upside-down portals from Stranger Things and John Wick kicking ass with his innumerable bullets – and now, it’s time for Batman to make an appearance. Epic Games is collaborating with DC Comis to mark Batman’s 80th Anniversary.

Fortnite X Batman Crossover makes way for Dark Knight Skin and Gotham City

Known as ‘The Caped Crossover,’ v10.31 update brings new skins, new locations, and other phenomena inspired by Batman. The event commences from today itself and will last until October 6th. Players will get to don the black cape in Fortnite through a rift zone. Players will gain the power of Glider Redeploy to take down enemies and save the citizens of Gotham. Players can also choose the Catwoman outfit Gotham City Challenge Bundle with the Catwing Glider and much more, to ward off the enemies.

There are cosmetic upgrades in the form of Batman Caped Crusader Pack, which lets to be the masked billionaire. Options include Batman Comic Book outfit and The Dark Knight Movie outfit. The former is definitely for hardcore DC fans, while the latter is for Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan fans. Fornite also jazzes up the experience by adding two new weapons –  the Batman Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang.


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