Fortnite’s black hole event broke the records of twitch and twitter

Since the launch of Chapter 2, Fortnite has been through a huge change and the eleventh season of the game has grabbed a lot of attention on various streaming platforms. According to The Verge, the black hole event officially called ‘The End’ amassed record-breaking viewership on Twitter and Twitch.

Fortnite's black hole event broke the records of twitch and twitter
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On Twitch, Fortnite broke the site’s peak concurrent record on a single game category including the start menu which got engulfed into a black hole. More than 1.7 million people viewed the official Fortnitestream.

“That’s the platform’s peak concurrent record on a single game category,” the game developers told The Verge in regards to the event’s record-breaking broadcast numbers.

On Twitter, the black hole gained 42.8 million views peaking at 1.4 million concurrent viewers and was the most viewed gaming event on Twitter. On the other hand, Fortniteblack hole viewership earned 4.3 million concurrent viewers across all channels on YouTube. Moreover, Epic has not revealed how many players were in-game although that figure may be shared at some point in the future.


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