Free access to unlimited storage on Google Photos will end after June 1, 2021

Whatever you've uploaded before June 1 will not be counted against your cap.

Free access to unlimited storage on Google Photos will end after June 1, 2021

American multinational technology firm Google will end the free unlimited storage on its Google Photos by June 1, 2021. It has been offering the service for over five years now. Users can backup their high-quality photos to the app’s cloud storage.

Another change from Google is in the form of a new policy that will delete data of accounts that are inactive – who haven’t logged in to their account for at least two years. Another policy change includes the counting of Google Workspace documents and spreadsheets against the same cap.

You don’t need to fret now, as photos and documents uploaded before June 1 won’t be held against the 15GB cap. Photos that have been uploaded after June 1 will be counted against the cap. This leaves you with plenty of time to decide to either continue using Google Photos or look for other cloud storage options.

“Today, more than 4 trillion photos are stored in Google Photos, and every week 28 billion new photos and videos are uploaded. Since so many of you rely on Google Photos to store your memories, it’s important that it’s not just a great product but also continues to meet your needs over the long haul. In order to welcome even more of your memories and build Google Photos for the future, we are changing our unlimited High-quality storage policy,” Google said in its blog.

Pixel users will be ecstatic to know they will still be able to upload HQ photos, albeit not original, for free even after the deadline; those photos won’t be counted against their cap. Of course, it’s not the same as having unlimited storage to upload photos, but that should suffice a few Pixel owners.

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