‘Gallery Go’ is Photos’ Lightweight Substitute that Works Offline

Google has been steadfast in its updates – be it software updates or embracing the new changes and updating its app steadfast! The whole dark mode phase, for instance, where Google added a nice toggle to switch the dull white background with a more iris-friendly black or dark background, was praised by many. Moreover, its fleet of lightweight applications, dubbed as Android Go, are more storage-friendly apps specifically made for low-end phones. Gallery Go is the new addition in the lightweight apps that is a direct alternative to the much-acclaimed Photos app.

'Gallery Go' is Photos' Lightweight Substitute that Works Offline
Image Source: 9to5 Google

The newly launched Gallery Go weighs just 10MB while the Photos is a 42MB application. The difference won’t save a lot of storage on your phone but will help some low-end devices that constantly throw a ‘Storage full’ pop-up. The app boasts of many new features, including the fact that it is functioned to work for offline usage. It can also categorize your photos, based on the things and people who shoot (from your camera). Although Google has said that this feature is yet to be rolled out globally.

Another nifty little feature of this newly-launched lightweight app is that has the ability to labels pictures without using any data. Speaking of which, Gallery Go is compatible with SD cards, which means that you can move your files from the internal storage to the SD Card. Google has also given the new kid on the block some in-built editing features which include a good chunk of filters, an auto-enhance mode among others.

The application is available on the Google Play Store for devices running Android 8.1 or newer and as it is a lightweight app, it only weighs 10MB.

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