Garmin Express: All You Need to Know About It

Garmin has been constantly offering us an exceptional range of high-performance navigation devices since 1989. The American multinational company headquartered in Kansas, U.S, specializes in GPS technology for aviation, automotive, marine as well as fitness and sports-related activities.

High-end wearable technology puts Garmin directly in the league of competitors like Apple and Fitbit. The range of products offered by the firm is wide and exclusive. However, in order to remain on top of their game, Garmin devices require regular updates.

Here’s when Garmin Express comes into the picture. It is a tool which makes the update process extremely lucid and simple to execute. If you happen to own a Garmin GPS device, do not forget to update in order to draw the maximum performance out of it.

Why Do You Need to Update GPS?  

In the current times, GPS is truly your constant companion. It helps you surf smoothly through the untrodden territories with absolute ease.

However, there is one thing with the physical world- it is transient. For example, a place where there was no road a year back, now has one and it is even open to commuting. Or, your pinned eating joint just got relocated to a new location and so on.

You won’t know of any of these if you continue to use your older GPS. In order to get the maps updated in your Garmin device, it requires the Garmin software update tool.

Garmin Express allows you to synchronize your Garmin device so that it can update the charts, maps, and other functionalities. Further, it uses the means of push notifications on a periodic basis to let you know, if your GPS is up to date or not. The process is pretty simple and easy to implement for anyone and everyone.

Installation Procedure

The software is available for both MAC OS and Windows OS, hence download accordingly.

  • Depending upon the OS, download a copy of Garmin Express from the official Garmin website.
  • Run the exe file on your computer and finish the installation process. You’ll need an account on Garmin to complete the process.
  • Next, plug in your device (the one which you want to update) to your computer with the help of a USB connecting cable.
  • The software will be initiated in the background and will start looking for connected devices.
  • Once your device shows up in the panel, you need to click and ‘Add a Device’ to the software. Please note, the device should be registered with Garmin to complete this process.
  • In the next step, a wizard will open where you’ll be required to ‘nickname’ your device, followed by the permission to access the anonymous data on it. Click ‘next’ and proceed further.
  • Once the device is successfully attached, a screen will flash showing a set of available updates (if any).
  • You’ll see a ‘Select All’ button which you can use to update all in one go.

Not all updates are available for free, few are paid versions too. The latter ones can be purchased under lifetime package, otherwise, you’ll have to transact each time you install an update from this section.

  • Once the updates have been successfully installed, click the ‘eject’ button and disconnect your device from the computer.

Among its wide range of software, Garmin also offers a special tool to monitor your sporting performance named Garmin Connect. It can be easily configured with Garmin Express. The app is available to download from all major platforms including App Store, Google Play and Window Store.


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