Gmail’s dark mode will begin rolling out for iPhones and Android phones

Google has finally announced the most awaited dark mode feature for its Gmail service platform for both Android and iOS users. The feature is an extended rollout that might take longer than 15 days for its visibility and will start from September 24.

“We’re further enhancing the Gmail experience on Android and iOS devices by introducing dark theme support. Dark theme will begin rolling out today,” said Google in a blog post on its G Suite updates forum.

However, this feature will be available for the latest operating system versions of Android and iOS i.e Android 10 and 1OS 13. You can enable dark mode by selecting a dark theme mode on your smartphone or go to the ‘Settings tab’, tap on the Theme and then select ‘Dark’.

Moreover, Google in August rolled out a new feature for Gmail and Hangout Chat that was basically used to notify users who try to email you if you noted ‘Out of office’ entry on your Google Calendar. The users will come across a banner in the compose window of the email which will say – “[Recipient’s full name] is out of office — back on Day, Date”. The users, however, will be able to view the banner only if they enter the recipient’s name.

“With this launch, before people even hit “send,” your time out of office is visible in more places across G Suite, meaning you get more uninterrupted time away. As a sender, you’ll also have more confidence that you’re messaging people at an appropriate time,” said Google in a blog post.


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