Google adds a new Google Assistant integration in its G Suite

Google Assistant integration will help users with their writing.

Google’s G Suite has managed to grab the attention of people who prefer to be productive at all times. It is also considered to be one of the best all-in-one workplace productivity solutions which rivals Microsoft’s apps. To increase its efficiency, Google is adding Google Assistant integration that will add many more features.

Google adds a new Google Assistant integration in its G Suite

The said tools will debut in Google Docs which will include some nifty features like an AI grammar checker, smart compose, and spelling auto-correction. Google Assistant’s integration can also be used with calendar as it will read out the users’ calendar schedules and even allow them to manage calendar events.

The grammar tools will be unusual. Google’s version of grammar will employ a neural network approach to detect possible grammar problems in the text. This method is similar to the techniques used for building effective machine translation models. The grammar integration in Google Docs will use Google Search that will keep on learning new words. Google will also add a customized spelling correction mechanism that will be based on your documents.

The search giant also added that the functionality will also integrate easily with the Asus Hangouts Meet Hardware kit. This will enable users to dial into conference calls and send messages to colleagues using Google Assistant. Google hopes that these features will help firms and employees to effortlessly manage their work. Keep in mind that Google Assistant G Suite integration is yet in beta and there’s no official release date.


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