Google Assistant can now speak Hindi & 8 Other Indian languages

Google’s AI-based Assistant is preferred over its competitors. It has a robust feedback mechanism which gets the task done swiftly. It obviously has its own sets of flaws. One of them is reachability. Especially in non-English places, like India. And that’s going to change. Google has revealed at an event held in New Delhi that support for 9 more Indian languages is on the way. Hindi is, obviously, one of them.

Google also revealed that Hindi is now the second most used Assistant language after English, globally. In addition, more features, like language decoupling, app actions & interpreter mode were announced at the event.

Yes, Google does talk in various Indian languages. So why are people making a fuss about this announcement? Well, earlier the assistant spoke with you in the default OS language. You could also pick the language by going in the Settings. But, this new update will save you all the hassle of going through the trouble. You can simply talk to the Assistant in the language of your choice.

To explain in detail, here’s an instance. Whenever you speak to Google, you use the hotword “Ok Google.” But now, you can just say “Okay Google, Hindi mein bolo” or “Okay Google, talk to me in Hindi.” The new commands will work with your Chromebook or smart speaker.

Interpreter mode lets you translate conversations in real-time. This feature is already available on Home speakers, known as Interpreter Mode. It will embrace Indian users in the coming months.

Another feature highlighted at the event is known as App Actions. So suppose, you have installed a water-drink reminder app. You can simply ask Assistant something like, “Ok Google, see how many glasses of water I drank using Water Drink Reminder.”


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