Google Assistant now supports third-party apps to create notes and more

Google is teaming up with, AnyList, Bring!, and Google Keep.

After Google Assistant was revamped with drastically faster speeds, Google has pushed a new update that will make grocery shopping or searching for things extremely easy. Firing up Assistant has always been easy but keeping a track of the notes you’d saved is difficult. Now, the search giant is teaming up with third-party note and list taking providers. Along with integration for Google Keep, Assistant will now pick up two additional voice abilities for photos and podcasts.

Google Assistant now supports third-party apps to create notes and more
Image Souce: Android Authority

Currently, Google Assistant saves notes in its ‘Lists and Notes’ web app which allows users to configure their own list. But, it wasn’t perfect. Now, Assistant’s voice commands for creating lists, taking notes, and adding items to existing ones will now operate with third-party apps like, AnyList, Bring!, and Google Keep. This alliance sees the information the user enters verbally on phones, smart displays, and speakers are stored in your app of choice.

Google Assistant now supports third-party apps to create notes and more

In order for this function to work, go to Google Assistant settings and connect your note/list client of choice with Google. Tap on Services tab and click on the new option Notes and Lists menu to select and initiate the third-party integration. Google isn’t planning to move your existing notes and list to the third-party apps but you can still access them. The update is rolling out globally and Google has begun with some holiday-themed commands. Take a look:

  • “Create a holiday gift list.”
  • “Add Chromebook to my holiday gift list.”
  • “Add cranberries to my grocery list.”
  • “Take a note.”
  • “Show me my notes.”

A new feature worth talking about is podcast search. Google Assistant will now help you search for shows to listen to with Google Podcasts. For instance,

  • “Hey Google, show me podcasts about New Year’s resolutions.”
  • “Hey Google, find a podcast about holiday cooking.”

Though such commands only work in the English language as of now.


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