Google Assistant to Send Texts without Unlocking your Phone

Google Assistant is an amazing voice assistant with tonnes of voice commands. With the Android Q, it is set to improve further with more enhancements. But the Assistant has always been condemned for being not able to text messages until the phone is unlocked. 9to5Google has claimed that a future update will fix it. The report suggests that the search giant has been testing a few methods that enable the users to send text messages with a simple command without the need to unlock your smartphone.

Google Assistant to Send Texts without Unlocking your Phone
Image source: 9to5 Google

If you try this on any phone, using this feature will get you a “unlock to continue” response even if you have enabled ‘Lock screen personal results’ in the Assistant settings. That is all set to change now.

9to5Google further reports that Google has been spotted doing the test in a server-side A/B test. The following screenshots show that the Google Assistant can now send texts without unlocking your phone.

Google Assistant to Send Texts without Unlocking your Phone
Image source: 9to5 Google

You can quickly observe that the above screenshots show a lock icon generally found on phones only when they are locked. This is just a test so it hasn’t been rolled out widely. Reports also suggest that the new update works for a Pixel 3 on Andriod 9 Pie but it isn’t functional on a Pixel 3 running Android Q.

This comes days after Google was accused of collecting audio clips from users and how the employees were being paid to transcribe them. The firm quickly acknowledged the claims that indeed humans can access those recordings after some of the Dutch audio snippets leaked. David Monsees, Product Manager, Google said, “We are conducting a full review of our safeguards in this space to prevent misconduct like this from happening again.”

At the Google I/O 2019, the American multinational company revealed that it is planning to transform the way Google Assistant works. Amongst the demos presented, one showed how promptly the Assistant could reply while keeping the conversation flow intact. In short, a query that used to take 8 seconds, can very well take just 2 seconds for a response.

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