Google Camera Port for ASUS ZenFone 6 and OnePlus 7/7 Pro drastically improves Photos

Huawei has dethroned Google Pixel as the Smartphone Photographer but there are more manufacturers, like Samsung or Apple who also incorporates good cameras on their phones. These are the flagship-level devices but there are more affordable devices which give great speed and performance but lack somewhere on the camera front. Yes, we are talking about Asus and OnePlus. While their flagships, or rather flagship-killers have managed to impress a lot of people, the camera quality is still satisfactory.

Well, that all changed when people managed to port Google’s Camera application for other phones. And as the world knows, Google’s photos heavily rely on post-processing that is achieved by the GCam app. XDA Developers have tweeted that Arnova’s latest GCam port improves photos of the newly launched Asus 6z and the OnePlus 7/7 Pro.

The Asus 6z has a good camera but GCam completes the imaging quality by adding a few of its own options. The OnePlus 7/7 Pro has potential but fails due to the execrable image quality.

The new version V2.2.190716.1800 of the port, based on GCam’s 6.2.030 version, improves the HDR+, adds Exposure Compensation, Custom HDR+ denoise, Color Capture Support, and fixes Multi-Lens mode and stability.



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