Google confirms the presence of Face Scanning and Gesture Controls on the Pixel 4

Google has done playing the victim of leaks this year. The Google Pixel 3 series were leaked left, right and center, to an extent that people thought an official launch was unnecessary. So this year, Google is playing Hide & Seek with the media and potential buyers. After tweeting an image of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 (probably 4 XL), Google has now released a video describing never-seen-before features on the Pixel series. And the video is quick and one-sided, so as to avoid leaking the entire look of the forthcoming flagship.

The YouTube video shows off a woman unlocking the Pixel 4 with her face, which implies that the phone will implement a face scanner like the one on Apple’s newer devices and it definitely seems faster. In the same video, the woman can be seen changing songs by the flick of her hands, which means the Pixel 4 has gesture control. Interestingly, Samsung’s S4 also had similar features but it was deemed gimmicky and future phones never borrowed the feature. We hope Google’s feature won’t be as gimmicky and if it’s useful, then it will obviously benefit the users.

The aforementioned gesture features, dubbed as Motion Sense, will come with the Project Soli chip that uses radar to enable these controls. These features were rumors until now and it seems Google isn’t afraid of the leak and is, in turn, embracing it, giving the globe a first-ever manufacturer-leaked phone specs sheet. In addition, Soli sensor keeps the data on your phone, and never shared with other Google services. Also, this feature will be available in only “select Pixel countries” due to regulatory approval.

Google confirms the presence of Face Scanning and Gesture Controls on the Pixel 4
Image Source: 9to5 Google

The Pixel 4 series is scheduled for an October launch, keeping Google’s traditions intact. We will get to see more surprises, unless, of course, Google doesn’t leak them before the official launch.

What do you think about these features? Do you think Pixel 4’s face unlock will finally be Apple’s competitor in the Android vs iOS battle? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below.

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