Google Ditches Sweets name in favor of number; Android Q renamed Android 10

Stepping out of its tradition, Google will make us fitter by not given a sugary name to its newest operating system. Android Q has been officially been rechristened as Android 10. Yes, Google just broke its 10-year history of naming releases after desserts. The upcoming OS, which will be official in October, was presumed to continue the naming tradition, while some international critics even assuming the name to be Android Quiche.

Google Ditches Sweets name in favor of number; Android Q renamed Android 10
Image Source: 9to5 Google

Many might think that Google ran out of names but according to Sameer Samat, VP of Product, the global Android team came up with names like Queens Cake and quindim, which is a custard. The change is considered to be accepted globally. You see, the universe doesn’t consider ‘pie’ or even ‘marshmallow’ as sweets are not universally considered desserts.

Certain languages, like Japanese, do not have sounds for L and R. Naming future Android versions based on number might reducing any confusion that might have occurred in 2020. “One piece of feedback we’ve gotten from users over the years is that the dessert names are not universally understood in different cultures and different languages. Food tends to sometimes be a local thing,” Samat said.

Samsung’s revamped One UI also follows a number pattern. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series sports 1.5 version of the OS. And who can forget Apple? Its iOS version was always named after a certain number, the latest being iOS13.

Google has also changed its Android logo to go with the change. The earlier system icons were shaped like Q but there’s a simple approach here as well. The color and font have been changed while some subtle changes include shifts in the shapes in the head of the Bugdroid mark.

Google Ditches Sweets name in favor of number; Android Q renamed Android 10

There are 2.5 billion Android users around the globe. Google wanted to appeal to each and every one of them by naming versions that would be equally understandable. Picking a local dessert and naming it to an operating system sounds whimsy, which Google stresses that definitely is but this new change might resonate with people living outside of the US.

Android 10 is a simple and straightforward name, also being universal. While we might take a bit of time to digest this news sans the desert name-game, pun totally intended, this approach will make Google even more connectable.



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