Google Docs to soon show Word counts while Typing

Google is being kind enough to update its MS Office-nemesis Google G Suite with live word count. Yes, finally! As of now, anyone who is using Google Docs can see their word count by going to Tools > Word count and a pop-up will appear or also by pressing Control + Shift + C.

G Suite users can now see the live word count (Google Docs for business) by activating it. Google said, “We’ve heard that displaying this information is helpful to users working on docs that require minimum or maximum word count.”

Now, users can go to Tools > Word count > Display word count while typing to continuously display it in the lower-left corner of the document you are typing. This pop-up can be seen in the corner of your windows which keeps a note of how many words you have typed the complete document.

Microsoft’s Word already tells you your word count without the additional activation requirement. It has been around Microsoft Word 2007. So, it is safe to say that Google is pretty late to the party.

The Wordcount feature housed under the Tools menu currently shows the number of pages, words typed, the characters in the typed document and characters that exclude spaces.

This feature is rolling out starting today and is exclusive only for all G Suite editions. It will be fully available in the coming weeks and a full rollout will be done by October. There is no word on when non-G Suite users will gain the feature but hopefully, it will happen soon.



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