Google Duplex could soon book your movie tickets

Google Assistant is a great AI-based assistant that gives Cortana and Siri a run for their money. Its other AI, known as Duplex that was announced last year, will get its web version. It promises the same Duplex AI automation but for online forms instead of over phone calls.

Google Duplex could soon book your movie tickets

Keeping its promise, Google is finally releasing Duplex for the web and if sources are to be believed, Duplex is rolling out for many┬ámovie ticket-booking websites like AMC and Fandango in Chrome. Users who will search for movie tickets within Google Search will get the option to buy them via Google Assistant. Google Duplex takes over which reduces the users’ tasks.

The steps are quite easy – Once you search for a particular movie on Google and select any one show (providing that it supports Duplex), you can tap on the Google Assistant prompt “Buy tickets” to help automate the process. You’ll still have to select the number of tickets or the seats you’d like to select. The rest will be handled by Google Duplex.

Google is still testing this feature and the exact release date of the feature is still anyone’s guess. Moreover, the feature will also depend on partner booking services and cinemas. It will definitely be limited at the start, which will only support AMC and Fandango.


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