Google employees call for corporate climate change action

Google employees are calling on the company to issue a climate plan that commits it to zero emissions by 2030. In an online petition posted Monday, workers are asking for a climate plan that has similarly been set by workers at other tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft.

The petition also calls on Google to decline contracts that would support the extraction of fossil fuels and to avoid collaborating with organizations involved with the oppression of refugees.

Google employees call for corporate climate change action
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“After I joined the Global Climate Strike and read the Amazon workers’ demands, I realized the support I provide to the oil business puts CO2 in the atmosphere, the revenue I bring in is funding climate-denying politicians, and the growth I facilitate increases carbon-releasing energy production,” David Newgas, a technical program manager for the Google Cloud Platform who signed the letter, told CNN Business.

According to a climate change report, Porat has the “highest level of direct responsibility for climate change” with “visibility across all of the company’s operations.” Further, google employees have also protested sexual misconduct and forced arbitration practices within the company and Google’s treatment of contract workers.


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