Google Go now Available Worldwide to Download on Play Store

Google has launched another application that is based on the ‘lite’ version. Google Go is a lightweight version of the Google app that weighs just 7MB in size. If you get a bad network reception or own a low-end device, this will make surfing the Internet much more feasible. Even if the current connection is is disrupted, the app remembers the user’s search results when they are back online.

Google Go now Available Worldwide to Download on Play Store

The app can be downloaded by any Android smartphone running Lollipop (5.0) version and above. Google has claimed that even if the application is aimed for low-end devices, it will work with many other features that are intended to keep up with the current technology.

Google had added the Lens feature this year, which allows the app to use its camera to read text from the real world out loud. The app’s main features are Search and text-to-speech. It can read webpages out loud which is super helpful.

Google’s Go-branded applications are proof that the firm wants everyone to use their service, by luring them with the minimal design language, the size of the app, and of course, the features. These fleet of application include Gmail Go, Files Go, which are all streamed down version of their original flagship apps. Google’s Android Go is another operating system for low-powered devices and these Go apps are an integral part of them.

As there’s no confirmation, Google might keep launching its other apps in toned-down format to make it accessible for a larger audience. Google Go had a limited launch in India and Indonesia a year and a half ago, two countries whose internet connection is still not up to the par with others, say the United States or the UK.


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