Google is testing how to make ads sneakier in search results: Report

One of these tests involves removing the favicons altogether.

Google last year introduced a significant change to the search results on mobile as it started displaying favicons. This made it visually easier to distinguish trusted sites from shady ones and ads. Earlier, the ads were highlighted in green at the top of search results but after the change, they were only differentiated by a little “Ad” icon. Also, as noted by Alex Hern of the Guardian, SearchEngineLand has a great synopsis of the changes Google has implemented over the years.

It seems that the company has made its ads sneakier, but after the initial backlash, Google says it’s experimenting with a variety of ways to display search results:

According to The Verge, one of these tests involves removing the favicons altogether, making Google Search results just a plain collection of blue links again.


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