Google Launches AI Powered Flood Alerts In India To Save Lives

Google launches AI-powered Flood Alerts in India to save lives. As this new Ai will detect and issue flood warnings which will help people to prepare better for situations. And this is not the first step from Google to inform people about natural disasters. As even earlier Google had incorporated alerts from government agencies like FEMA into apps like Map and Search. But now with this AI launch, the company will make predictions of its own.

Google issued its first alert last month in the state of Bihar in India where they did a partnership with the Central Water Commission. The two organizations agreed to share technical expertise and data to work on the predictions. And now this AI has been integrated within Google Public Alert which notifies about emergency situations like a flood. Through Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Now.

This step of saving lives by flood alerts was taken by Google in order to curb flood-related issues in India. As there are 250 million people who get affected by floods each year. And India is accounted for 20 percent of flood-related fatalities. One such disaster happened recently in India’s southern Kerala state. Where people suffered from worst flooding due to heavy monsoon rains.

Google Launches AI Powered Flood Alerts In India To Save Lives

How do this Flood Alerts Work?

Google engineering VP Yossi Matias outlines in a blog post, these predictions are being made using a combination of machine learning, rainfall records, and flood simulations. “A variety of elements – from historical events to river level readings, to the terrain and elevation of a specific area – feed into our models”, writes Matias. “With this information, we’ve created river flood forecasting models that can accurately predict not only when and where a flood might occur, but the severity of the event as well.”

India’s Central Water Commission makes it clear. They partnered with Google because the company’s expertise in AI will make better predictions that the Commission can alone. So, hopefully, this collaboration will help people to stay safe through these disasters.

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