Google Maps could add well-lit route options for walkers

Walking at night would become safer with this feature.

Google Maps has been getting a lot of updates that make it easier for people to use. The most requested feature, after dark mode, has been an optional route with well-lit roads. A Twitter user by the name of Emily had tweeted about it a few months ago which got over 245k likes.

Google Maps could add well-lit route options for walkers
Image Source: The Verge

A report from XDA Developers mentions that Google is indeed working on a feature that will work as a layer called Lighting. This function of the app will be responsible for showing streets that have good lighting. As per some descriptions in Google Map’s beta version 10.31.0, the app will highlight the well-lit streets with a yellow color highlight. This particular code suggests that the search giant will configure the street light on the basis of ‘no lighting info available’, ‘poor to no lighting’ and ‘good lighting’. A rumor suggests that users might not be able to zoom in if the lighting mode is selected.

The question of how Google will gather information about street lighting conditions still remains. It might gather user-submitted data, the way it does for traffic incidents. According to XDA Developers, this feature upon launch will be rolled out in India first, given the current climate concerning women’s safety and the recent case wherein a doctor was raped and burnt alive in Hyderabad.


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