Google Maps gets a new icon and more tabs

The update marks Google Map's 15th anniversary.

Google Maps was launched on February 8, 2005. Today, it turned 15. 15 years of guiding us to the location we needed to be at. And to celebrate this, Google Maps is receiving a new update that showcases a new icon and some new features.

Google Maps gets a new icon and more tabs

The change in the icon is the biggest change. The old one, which had the classic map intersection is now a Google-hued pin on a white background. The new icon matches Google’s other applications. Apart from the icon, there are new tabs to explore. The new tabs are contribute and updates tabs, and replaces the for you tab with a more focused saved tab.

Google Maps gets a new icon and more tabs

A host of new features are coming to Maps but not until March. There’s the increased crowdsourced information for public transit and Google’s augmented-reality Live View feature. The former feature will allow users to give additional details like wheelchair accessibility, temperature, or whether there’s a women-only carriage or onboard security.

The Live View feature will get a more lightweight mode that will show the location of your destination without launching into the 3D turn-by-turn navigation mode, which is the current standard.


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