Google Maps now lets Electric Car owners find a charging station that supports their plug type

The feature isn't available on iOS yet.

Google Maps is really listening to its consumers. The latest update is proof. Google has now added a nifty little feature that will be beneficial for users who drive an electric car. While electric cars are now becoming more common in the U.S., finding an electric charger, a specific at that, is not easy. But, Google Maps will now let you choose a specific type of electric plug when your search for EV charging status.

Google Maps now lets Electric Car owners find a charging station that supports their plug type

Although finding charging stations for electric cars was already a feature in Google Maps, this new update will mitigate the user’s search for a specific plug. So now electric car owners can now find EV charging stations that will definitely work with their cars.

Google Maps now lets Electric Car a charger by their plug type

Thanks to this feature, users get the option to add the kind of plug their cars support. So the next time you search for a charging station, Google will only show them the charging stations compatible with that plug-type. The screenshot, courtesy of Android Police, you can see six different types of plug-types that are supported by Google Maps including. It includes Tesla, J1772, CHAdeMO and CCS.

The feature is available on Google Maps for Android, but it still hasn’t rolled out to Google Maps on iOS. Don’t expect this feature to be made available in India as electric cars are fundamentally non-existent so far.


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