Google Maps will now help you discover cities by following Local Guides

Google Maps keeps on updating and now the company is reported to add new functionality that would let users follow Local Guides for suggestions. So, now you would be able to see the Local Guide’s recommendations on Google Maps. The new feature is currently conducted in nine cities including Delhi, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, London, New York, Osaka, and Mexico City.

Google Maps will now help you discover cities by following Local Guides
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Users will be able to find top Local Guides in the For You section of the Google Maps app, from where you can follow them. Google Maps will start showing suggestions from the guides once you start following them. Moreover, Google in a support page explained that the connoisseurs are picked based on how active they are on Maps and the number of posts on the platform.

The support page also adds, “By highlighting these Local Guides and their reviews, lists, and photos, we’re exploring how we can make Google Maps a more helpful tool for discovering new places and experiences… So, if you live in one of the nine test cities, keep an eye on the For You tab of Google Maps. You just might discover something new with help from a friend in our community.”


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