Google Photos can now convert your 2D pictures into cinematic 3D images

Machine learning makes it all possible.

Google Photos can now convert your 2D pictures into cinematic 3D images
Image source: Google

Google Photos is all set to introduce a new feature wherein you can turn your 2D images into cinematic 3D images. Dubbed as ‘Cinematic Photos,’ the feature will be appended to the Photos’ ‘Memories’ collection along with your other images and videos. The feature is easy to understand – machine learning predicts a picture’s depth and then creates a 3D representation of the scene. What you get is an animated picture that delivers a panning effect.

Google Photos mentioned in its blog that “Cinematic photos help you relive your memories in a way that feels more vivid and realistic — so you feel like you’re transported back to that moment.”

Once the feature is available on Android and iOS apps, Google Photos will create the images. Expect the update to arrive by the next month. If you don’t like the feature, you can turn it off by clicking on your account profile photo > Photos settings > Memories > Advanced > switch on/off Cinematic photos. If you use the feature, you will find it in your recent highlights.

Meanwhile, Memories will get some new themes that handle the task of surfacing photos of your favorite people and things by interpreting the pictures you upload. Cinematics photos steal the show! All this is possible due to the AI-powered image editing tools which were recently released, backed by Photoshop‘s Neural Filters workspace. It uses machine learning to create completely new pixels for your images.

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