Google Pixel 4 to get RAM & Display Upgrades

Google Pixel devices saw a revamp back in 2016, scrapping the Nexus line for good. Though the phones are fast and have the best point and shoot cameras, there were a lot of display and RAM management issues attached that besmirched its reputation. In addition, the design is execrable and doesn’t live up to the standards of a 2018/2019 flagship phone. A huge number of threads and forums have spoken about the issues and it looks like Google has finally heard their cries. Recent reports suggest that the upcoming Pixel 4 will shoot 2 birds with 1 stone – the display and the RAM.

Google Pixel 4 to get RAM

The Pixel 4 will see a boost in the RAM. Recent reports confirm that it will have a minimum of 6GB RAM to keep things smooth. This is an okay upgrade from the 4GB but phones costing half of the Pixel line have 6GB and 8GB have become a standard RAM now. Heck, some phones even have a whopping 12GB RAM (Hi, Samsung S10 Plus!) 6GB RAM can handle day to day things at ease but it will affect the long-term usage. After all, not everyone changes their phones every two years, right Google?

Apart from RAM upgrades, the Pixel 4 might also improve the display. It is said to debut a bigger and better display than the Pixel 3, which was under fire for its display issues. Google pacified every tech soul by tweeting a photo of the upcoming phone and that gave us some clues. The phone sports dual cameras, which is, again, not the standard as we expected a triple camera setup. The second sensor could either be a telephoto lens or an ultra-wide-angle lens, like the S10 Plus. There are two unidentified sensors, which could be a ToF sensor but we aren’t sure.

The phone will definitely come with the Snapdragon 855, or the 855 Plus is everything goes well, Android Q, dual-front facing cameras and some additional sensors for Project Soli. It would be interesting to see how many rumors turn to be true.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Pixel 4.



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