Google Pixel 5’s Camera App Comes With Audio Zoom Support

Google unveiled the Pixel 5 a few days ago, and many wonder how it will be received. There are some improvements, replacements, and removals. We’ll tell you about one such improvement. The Pixel 5’s camera app has Audio Zoom.

As the name suggests, it makes the voice of a faraway person or objects clear the more you zoom on them. YouTuber ‘totallydubbedHD’ spotted this feature is his while doing his first look at the device.

Google isn’t the first manufacturer to introduce this feature. Nokia has been doing its audio zoom version, dubbed as OZO ‘Audio spatial and directional capture.’ Users can enable Audio 3D, Audio Focus, Audio ZOOM, and Audio Windscreen.

Samsung also launched its version called the ‘Zoom-In Mic’ that achieves the same functionality as the Pixel 5’s Audio Zoom.

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