Google released an Arm-friendly variant of Chrome, which is prone to crashing

One can choose between an Intel chip or an Apple chip. Although launched, Chrome is crashing on some Macs.

Google released an Arm-friendly variant of Chrome, which is prone to crashing
Image source: 9to5Mac

Search engine giant Google has launched a Google Chrome variant, which is Apple-Silicon optimized. After Apple launched the Arm-based Macs, Google silently released a version that suits the computers. Chrome Product Manager Mark Chang later confirmed it.

After rolling out the Chrome variant, Google quickly noticed the unexpected crash, and it also addressed the issue. The page acknowledged the issue by saying, “Earlier today we updated our Chrome download page to include a new version of Chrome optimized for new macOS devices featuring an Apple processor. We’ve discovered that the version of Chrome made available for download today may crash unexpectedly. This should only affect users who have installed Chrome today, and only on new macOS devices with an Apple processor.”

Those who still want to download the Arm variant of Chrome can go to Click on the ‘Download’ button in blue. Now, if you have a Mac with Apple’s own chipset, select ‘Mac with Apple chip.’ The other option is ‘Mac with Intel chip,’ which shouldn’t bother the new users.

If Chrome crashes on your M1 computer, Google has listed a few things that will do the trick. Firstly, launch System Preferences > Look for Security & Privacy > Now select Privacy > Select Bluetooth from the left > You’ll see a list of approved applications > Select add application (+) > Choose Google Chrome > And now, Restart Chrome.

Even after this quick fix, if you notice Chrome crashing, you’ll need to uninstall Chrome and download the ‘Mac with Intel chip’ from the website.

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