Google Search to start indexing Podcast Episodes soon!

With the increase in Podcast users day after day, the Internet giant Google is all set to index Podcast episodes in Google Search results. Now alongside various information from web pages, Google will start delivering individual Podcast episodes within a dedicated Podcast carousel.

Google Search to start indexing Podcast Episodes soon!

According to Google, a total of over 2 million Podcasts are available on the Internet today. So as to deliver relevant search results from this, Google will go through the content which is talked about in the show (by transcribing it to text) as well as its title and description. This transcription makes it easier for Google to crawl through different Podcast episodes before indexing them as well.

Earlier, users have to go through certain Podcast apps like Google Podcasts, Castbox, etc in order to find desired Audio contents. Now it’s going to be a lot easier using Google Search, as users will be able to find appealing Podcast episodes appearing in normal search queries in parallel to images and videos.

Google Search to start indexing Podcast Episodes soon!

Finally, Google has also promised to bring up the same functionality with Google Assistant later this year. This in the future, will allow users to go through diverse Podcast episodes using voice commands. For user’s sake, Google will keep the listening progress synced across devices so that users will be able to continue listening right from the point they left off.

Notably, the new Podcast search feature is initially available in the US and it will be expanding to more countries over time.




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